Comparing CHEAP VS EXPENSIVE White T-Shirt Challenge

Hey all, Welcome back my lovelies to another post today we are doing a blind test of white t-shirts.

I’m so excited. So Andre went out and bought how many six different t-shirts white t-shirts and, I’m actually going to test them out and basically guess how much they cost. So there are six different price ranges he went from four dollars all the way up to 320 dollars just saying that makes my heart race. Because that is expensive for a white t-shirt. So I’m very nervous but. I’m so excited to see if, I can actually pick out a good quality shirt. So the price brackets are below $5 $10 $20 $50 around $100 and then over $300 alright.

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So here’s the first t-shirt – Andre obviously cover it up all the brands and the price tags and basically the material the shirt is made out of. So I’m basically just gonna put them on feel them see how they look in the mirror and then pretty much guess which price range they belong my first guest for this t-shirt, I think it is in the $20 range, I might change my mind once, I put the rest of them on. But I think it is in the $20 range, I kind of have something similar. But not the exact style of this shirt. So, I think it fits in the $20 range, I paid $20 for this even more just. Because the quality is really nice, I like the you hem of the shirt the sleeves are really nicely stitched and then the back, I like the line accentuating right in the in the middle of the back of thing that’s really pretty and flattering, I think this is a really nice t-shirt really really good quality second t-shirt let’s put it on. So what is your guess for the second t-shirt automatically when, I even picked it up it has this beautiful kind of like this knit material.

But it is not really knit it is that heavier material. But when you put it on it is extremely lightweight at the same time it just looks. So beautifully made it is definitely that type of t-shirt that, I think everyone needs in their wardrobe just. Because it looks like a beautiful staple white t-shirt, I do not know there’s a lot of substance to it and it has a pocket. So obviously a pocket probably means a little bit more money, I do not know I’m really conflicted with the price range for this, I kind of want to say around 320. But then, I think it might be $50, I think this will be the t-shirt, I use like this is actually super cheap. But the quality is.

So nice the quality is amazing by the looks of it this is probably the most expensive looks-wise with the material let’s make this one the most expensive yeah let’s do this one $320 aha third t-shirt also has a line in the back did you do it on purpose. So, I literally could not guess this one feels extremely lightweight let’s put this on all right. So for the third t-shirt what is your guess honestly, I am. So conflicted right now my mind is like blown. Because the stitching looks ok. But then the other details like the bottom there’s like it is kind of like double hemmed. If that makes any sense.

So this one, I think would be extremely comfortable in the summer time honestly, I think this one is expensive around maybe like the hundred dollar mark. But I would definitely not put it there in quality one hundred dollars. So my guess is a hundred dollars. So this shirt fourth t-shirt, I picked it up and this material mind blowing what is your vote for the fourth t-shirt, I think my guess just. Because the material, I feel as. If the brand is trying to be fancy and different, I think this is the most expensive t-shirt honestly or at least in the $100 mark range, I do not know it feels like that feels like they are trying to be fancy by being different with the material. But this material it reminds me of my workout t-shirts, I have a couple of Nikes and Adidas and this is exactly what it feels like except without the Nike logo.

But I do like the line in the back you can read II got what is it three t-shirts with the line tricky trying to trick my aren’t ya yeah. But it is the material, I kind of it is like that stretchy material also it does not look fancy. But it feels fancy. But then it does not and it feels like can go into the gym. If this is the most expensive t-shirt I’m gonna be really upset I’d put this in the $50 mark range let’s do 50, I think 50 would be sufficient for this t-shirt alright you guys v t-shirt let’s put it on and already first feel it feels incredible feels a very very good quality know like has like substance to a t-shirt alright let’s put it on make it 50 shirt what is your guess, I think I’m going to swap it out for the hundred dollar one price range just. Because the quality is really nice and it feels better than the hundred dollar what form, I guess, I do not know I’d like this t-shirt better. If it is better it it looks better it feels like it is gonna wear better over time as, I wash it get a dirty get those stains out it just it is a really nice classic v-neck white t-shirt it has great texture on it, I love these kind of t-shirts, I like yeah, I do not know what else to say it is a great quality t-shirt I’m also conflicted.

But I’m gonna put it in the hundred dollar mark range in the ten dollar one yeah I’m gonna swap them. Because, I have $5 and $10 left this is going to the hundred the hundred is going to the ten dollar range all right just picking it up it feels the flimsiest and it feels like that really super cheap material. So just by feeling it, I think it is the cheapest shirt in my opinion just by the quality and just touching it it is soft. But it feels like a super cheap white t-shirt let’s put it on. So what is your guess for the sixth one like, I mentioned, I think it is the cheapest still even though it actually fits very nice it is really comfortable it is really lightweight. But it has that material, I think, I know where you got it from actually, I have a couple of these, I like them they are very very easy to wear you can get them dirty without you know crying over how much you spend on the t-shirt yeah, I still think it is in the under five dollar range. So, I have my guesses written down right here under my notes all right.

So let’s do real time I’m gonna take off the white tags where it is covering the label and the price you can see how good, I was or how bad, I was we are gonna go from the cheapest what, I thought to the most expensive t-shirt and just see how good or bad, I was at this guessing game. I’m so excited all right. So this is the cheapest shirt let’s see yeah, I was right, I have this share in multiple colors forever21 how much is this is this that shirt 390 folks 393 dollars and 90 cents let me just tell you right now it is worth it yes, I had one right all right one for mallanna. So the second cheapest is around $10 and this is the third t-shirt, I tried on my brows swapped the third and the fifth all right let’s see, I do not know if, I should oh is 38 this is okay. So you were sticking close to 50 dollars. So it is not exactly 50. So this one, I guess the $20 shirt and this was the first shirt, I tried on.

So let’s see if, I was right, I mean, I do like this was probably my second favorite shirt oh this is like a fancy tag 19 dollars okay this is like one of my favorite shirts – Wow not bad. So this is the $50 shirt that, I guessed and this was the fourth t-shirt that, I tried on this is the one that feels like that stretchy spandex see much nylon spandex and material that you are going to the gym in all right, I’m like super nervous, I feel like this is the most expensive, I was yeah where’s the price tag on this does they have a price tag are you kidding me right now, I know this brand and they are stupid expensive stupid expensive this is the most expensive sure is not it yeah this is the $320 shirt I’m done like, I give up on life okay, I mean no no. So the next t-shirt is the hundred dollar t-shirt this is the one, I switched out with a 30 shirt, I said mistakenly 50 and, I are. But this is a hundred dollar t-shirt all right let’s see what the price is this is our price on this thing okay tarjay all the way Wow, I do love their t-shirts target what is this like ten dollars hey bucks okay they know what they are doing who does not like Target they have awesome stuff love their stuff alright. So the last shirt this is the second one, I tried on yeah second shirt and, I said it was over $300 which obviously now we know I’m wrong. So this is what like the hundred dollar mark yep it is great quality t-shirt, I mean, I thought it was over $300 let’s see what brand this is yep rag-and-bone is not it yep yeah they have amazing stuff, I love their stuff 125 oh that hurt. So bad what do you say that for is the bull white t-shirt, I’m that type of person, I breathe and my white t-shirts get dirty, I have no idea how are you guys.

So there we have it that was a really fun experiment I have been always wanting to do that especially for a white t-shirt cuz, I live in them. So, I think that was really educational for me, I was very close except for, I switched. Because, I thought he was playing a trick on me and he was and, I fell right into that trap like obviously it was ridiculously easy to pick out the cheapest one just by feeling it it felt like paper thin. But once you get to the ten dollar mark it is kind of like all bets are off you do not know which is which except for obviously some of them have completely different material and you are like are they trying too hard or this is actually a really great material all right you guys, I want to know what’s your score out of 6 how many of you actually guessed more than half correct I’m very curious, I think this is a really great post just to see even on the screen. If you could tell a difference right away. But for now you guys thank you for reading you guys are loving this series. I’m so glad.

Because I’m really enjoying it too I have been wanting to do this for a very long time and. I’m so glad you guys are taking it very well. But for now thank you for reading and I will see you guys in the next one bye you.

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