Convulsions Fits for child

Convulsions (Fits) for child

Do not restrain the child but see that she is in a safe position.

Do not try to bring her round. She will come to when the convulsion is over.

Do not give her anything to drink during the attack.

When it is over lie her on her side for a minute in case her tongue has slipped back into her throat. She will be confused and sleepy, so allow her to rest in the recovery position. (See p. 269.)

Find out if she has taken anything that may have poisoned her and call the emergency poison centre for advice.

If she feels very hot it is likely that she has had a febrile convulsion caused by a high temperature. Strip her clothes off and cool her down with cool water. (See p. 224.)

Call a doctor or take her to hospital.

Convulsions Fits for child

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