Corner Flip-Under Accents Hairstyles for All Ages

You are the icing on the cake. You are the smile Hey everyone. I’m Mind from LA. And I’m here with Sweet Pea, today. And we are going to do our first official hairstyle tutorial on Sweet Pea. Now, we have had lots of you write in and ask for tutorials specifically for toddlers. But today’s hairstyle is actually one that kind of crosses a whole wide range. It goes up from toddlers all the way till like teens, in my opinion. So we are just going to demo it on her. Now, you are going to begin by making a part on one side of her head. And then, you are going to I have already made two little puffs. Well, not puffs but like rubber banded them. So I made a part here and a part here. And today’s going to be a noisier tutorial than usual. And then, you make three section going back. So we want to do three. Come on. Here. Hold this. Hold that for me.

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So you gather up the hair for the third little section. And this is a trick that I learned, particularly, on hair texture like hers, is to take a toothbrush I know, this is going to sound weird to Caucasian people. And you take a little bit of your product. This is just a hair, like a moisturizer, like a little bit of a style slash moisturizer. And you just run it right into the roots like this. And you comb all those little baby fly-aways down. And it just helps prevent the hair from fluffing and getting too end-y looking right away. That’s all this is doing. So we are just putting that. For some reason, the bristles of a toothbrush work really well on this hair texture. Now, I’m going to take an elastic. Now, on their type of hair texture, you never ever, ever want to pull the elastics out. I always cut them. And trying to use elastics really sparingly because it can damage hair if you are not careful. So go ahead and put the elastic in. And you want to make sure it is not too tight because we are going to be flipping it under. You want to make sure there’s a little bit of wiggle room there. Now, I’m going to take a topsy tool, a Topsy Tail. And you can find these on Amazon or eBay. Just Google them. You could buy them. They’re only a couple dollars. If you do not have one of these, you can always just make the little hole with your fingers and flip them under, too. But I’m going to do corners. So this (LAUGHING) -corner flip-unders. So I’m going to go from front, from the front corner, to the back corner Daddy. -on a diagonal. And then, I’m going to take her hair and tuck it in and just very gently pull it through. And its just going to flip that whole puff underneath. And we have our first under. Now, I’m going to go do it in the second one. So again, I’m going to go from the front corner to the back corner and give it a little gentle tug. And you can see that I didn’t have it tight enough to even hurt her. And like I said, you can always just use your fingers to make that same hole. I just find these are little bit less tugging on the hair. My kids prefer them. Flip this third one under.

Ow. And we have our little flip-unders. And now, I’m just going to go back. I’m going to put a little bit of moisturizer right here in her hair. Little bit of and just retwist any little pieces I want. I do not like the way this one’s looking. Let’s just give it a little twist. And we have looky. a so cute little puffies, huh? Little triple twists. You can even go back and add little clips right here if you want to. What ever you wanted you to do to add just a little accessorizing, a little styling. Now, to show you that this is not just a toddler hairstyle, I actually did it on a couple of my other kids. Come here. I’m going to show you. So this is CGH Number Four. And we did the same thing tip your head down. on her. You can see her little triple flip-unders right there. Corner flips. And then, I added curls with the curling wand. Put your head up. And this would be a great one, too, if you are growing your bangs out or if you have short hair because you do not need any length at all to be able to flip. OK. You can go. Thank you. OK. And then, this is CGH Number Three. And she’s a little bit older, so we wanted to make it a little bit more grown-up look. So we actually tip down so they can see. Again, the corner flip-unders. And then, we just let them fall to the side. And then, we took all of her hair and scooped it up and did a really messy fish tail to accent it. So this just added a fun little accent to the top of her hair without being quite so flat and boring.

So there’s lot of ways you can play with this style. You can mix it up. You can use it on babies. You can use all the way to teenagers. And I think you will really enjoy. It’s so simple but very easy and fun. So we hope you guys enjoy. But do not forget to check us out on Instagram. It’s at Hairstyles. And there’s a particular reason you are going to want to be following us on Instagram for the next couple weeks because we are officially announcing what’s happening? We are moving. We are moving. So we currently live in Utah, and we have decided that it is time for CGH to make a change. So we will be moving, and I want you to leave a comment below and tell me where you think we are going. So leave a comment below. Tell me where you think we are going, city and state, and see who can get it right. We won’t tell you until next week where we are actually going. But by the end of the week, we will be packed up and on our way. So please be patient with us for the next couple of weeks. We’re filming posts before we go. But with a move, it always gets a little crazy. And sometimes, you do not even have internet. So please be patient with us. We’ll be doing our best to make sure that you get a hairstyle every Sunday. And we will see you guys next week. Bye. Bye. Bye. Bye. You are every bit of beautiful. You are, you are, you are, you are every bit of beautiful. Cross applesauce. Criss cross applesauce. And stop. Stop.

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