I’m Linda Fink and this is 5 Days of Creativity. Hey peeps! Welcome back. It’s me, Linda. Today we’re talking about something very near and dear to my heart. Not my boob. Creativity. Before we start, give this post a thumbs up if you like creativity. Huh? Huh? Everything I produce is an excercise in creative expression and idea generation and imagination expansion but sometimes I hit a wall and I’m like, “What the #@&$?” Excuse me. How on Earth will I ever make another interesting post if I can’t think of any new ideas? So this post is for people who feel like that all the time. I tapped into the mind of one of the most badass, colorful, innominable super woman I’ve ever met in my entire life, Piera Gelardi, the Creative Director and Co-founder of my blog. She came by my desk today in the office and this happened. Hi Linda! So my first tip for you is to spruce up your space and surround yourself with inspiration. I’m looking at your desk and it’s pretty bland. I think that you could do better. Let me show you my space. Welcome to my office! Wow.

Creativity Photo Gallery

Piera’s office looks like a unicorn had explosive diarrhea. That sounds really disgusting but I meant that in the best way possible. So having all this visual inspiration around me helps me to come up with ideas, it kind of triggers little thoughts. She has beautiful framed pictures all over the place, plants, tons of tchotkes, candy, artwork, toys, games, you name it. So after seeing her interior design, I went to work myself on a much smaller scale. I went to the plant district and bought brightly colored cacti to line up in a row. I used hot pink gaff tape to line my computer monitor, hung up some brightly colored ice cream prints, and put twinkling lights everywhere. And now going to my desk every morning is almost like taking a mini-journey to the most creative and imaginative part of my brain. Wow Linda! So much better! This is awesome. Give me a high five! Sometimes when I’m getting ready for the day ahead, I look in the mirror and I realize that my morning routine is always the same and not only that but I’m usually multi-tasking so while I’m getting dressed or putting on my makeup, I’m also racking my brain about an upcoming project or trying to think of some brilliant, new creative idea. Hello Linda! Whoa, whoa, whoa! Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! Sorry! It’s me, it’s Piera. Sorry. So sometimes thinking too hard on something is too much for your brain to handle. You need to give your brain a break, get out of your brain, into your body, go outside, go for a walk. Good idea. Bye.

Piera’s advice had me changing into comfortable clothes, putting on sneakers, and opting out of the subway. Instead, I walked all the way down to the my blog office. I read a my blog article that said that spending time in nature, particularly in a green space, can help relieve stress. And I don’t know about you, but whenever I’m feeling less stressed, I feel like my mind is freed up and I can come up with more creative ideas. Truthfully at this time of year, there’s not much greenery but I stopped at every little bit I could find, even little fake green planters along the side of the road. And of course, City Hall Park, before heading into work. It really helps open up your eyes to how much is going on around you, how many people live in the same city as me, and how many creative ideas we just have yet to come up with. Sometimes when I wake up in the morning and feeling creatively stifled, I try to come up with these ginormous, creative ideas to get me out of the rut. I’ll scroll and scroll and scroll through my phone endlessly until I find something that inspires me. Good morning Linda! Don’t scroll past me. I have an important thing to tell you. So, creativity doesn’t have to be Earth shattering. Think about a couple small ways to add a little flair, pizzazz, and joie de vivre into your morning. This morning I dedicated a bit of extra time to designing my day, starting with my outfit. I’m not a big fashionista and I do not normally put a lot of thought into what I’m wearing, but today was all about mixing and matching and trying my best to look at clothing the way I look at post production. I wanted my outfit to tell a story about my thought process and to also have the same uniqueness that a work of art does.

So, I’m wearing this flowy, floral shirt, this jean skirt, tights, and pizza socks. Your mindset really does start to change when you see yourself wearing something that’s a little different and colorful, and outside of the box. Next, I really wanted to dive into and up my breakfast game. Today I took a longer moment for myself and I really assembled and arranged my breakfast the way an architect would design a house. I made a beautifully designed smoothie bowl, topped with colorful fruits, coconut flakes, granola, cocoa nibs, the works. For me, this was more of an artistic exercise rather than a culinary cooking experience but I, of course, had a very, very tasty payoff and it reminded me that art is everywhere. Who knew that lining up strawberries and pineapple could be so stimulating? So, inspiration is really different for everybody. It’s kind of like dreams; it’s slippery, it’s weird, you don’t know what’s going to work so for example, for me, museums are really inspiring. How do you feel about museums? Eh, they’re okay. See? It’s different for everybody. It’s so important that you think about what really makes you tick. What makes you feel inspired? Feel energetic? Feel excited? Just have so many ideas… Whoa! Sorry. Huh? Discovering what makes you creative can feel like a daunting task, but really it’s just about being completely honest with yourself and understand what you really love. Maybe it’s music, maybe it’s gardening, perhaps it’s Feng Shui. For me, it’s images. Stop motion is just a series of images that when played back-to-back, tell a story.

I love composing the shots and lighting the set. Looking at pictures can inspire me in a way nothing else in this world can. Today, I gave myself time to dive deep into photos that inspire me. Because I’m such a visual person, I wanted to look at all of these photos at once so I printed them out and I made a giant inspiration board. This is going right next to my newly decorated desk at work and I’m gonna look at it every time I need a little bit of creative juice. I’m waiting for Piera. Isn’t she gonna like, pop in or something? Land on my shoulder? Sit on the couch? No? Since Piera wasn’t showing up, I decided to round out the week trying out some tips of my own. Something that I know I love to do when I’m feeling creatively stuck or really just all the time, is listening to motivational speeches and podcasts. Hey Linda! It’s me, Piera and you’re listening to Piera’s podcast. I’m just kidding. I don’t have a podcast. Not yet, at least. You thought I was gonna leave you hanging? No way. I just wanted to push you to figure out what your tips are and you killed it. Great tip, I love podcasts! My personal favorites right now are Making Oprah and the Ted Radio Hour. So you see there are a million ways to live more creatively and many of them are really simple.

After learning from Piera this week, I’m so excited to implement her tips into my daily life and she’s also inspired me to look for creativity in obscure places, like a smoothie bowl. I would love to hear your tips so comment below, share this post with a friend in need, and let me know what you want to see next time on. Bye! Hey guys, thanks for reading. click on comment button to comment to us on and here to read another post of.

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