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Hey guys it is Abby from Twist Me Pretty and I have my little sidekick Savy Sue here with me today. We are guest posting for CGH today, so come check us out if you want more hairstyles. (giggles) And today we are going to be doing this pretty, little, girl hairstyle. Give me a thumbs up if you want me in another post. Give us a thumbs up if you want her in another post and yeah, comment below so you do not miss any posts. Should we get started? Yep. Should we show’em how to do it? Yeah. Yeah you think so?

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Yeah! Okay! You’re gonna wanna start this hairstyle out with damp hair. So I’m just spraying it with some water, and then I’m giving her a side-part so we can braid her bangs back, but you can also just keep the part in the center and forego the braid on top if you’d like. Because her hair is super fine, I’m using some pomade to keep the flyaways down. This is the Kenra Texturizing Taffy but you can use any pomade. We’re going to be doing a Dutch-French braid so divide this top section into three, and you are gonna braid those outer strands under the middle. And the key to this is to keep the hair wet, so if it dries as you are going down and braiding the hair, go ahead and just re-wet it, and keep applying that taffy to your hands, and braid it super, super tight. So I’m using really thin sections and just keeping it extra tight, as tight as my fingers can braid. If you prefer, you can do a center part. You can comb it then spray it in entirely, you can do a succession of topsy tails. However you do it though, you just need up with six ponytail sections at the very end which we will see in just a minute. When you reach about the ear, go ahead and tie it off with a clear elastic, these are from Sally’s Beauty Supply. And as you can see right behind this little ponytail, there’s kind of a line that we are drawing.

So take your comb and draw the line all the way to the other ear, and we are gonna make another section. Her hair’s gotten a little bit dry so I’m just spraying it with some water and adding that texturizing taffy to my hands. When you secure it with a clear elastic, I’m pulling it up, maybe about an inch or so from her scalp and then I’m gonna do a topsy tail. I just think that sometimes this helps the hair to lay a little bit prettier, kinda more flat against the head, but you can definitely just do a regular ponytail if you want. Now you are gonna divide the hair into four new sections. So start by splitting it down the center and then split the left-side in half one more time, and you are just gonna section these off into four little ponytails. (upbeat jazz music) Now one by one you are just gonna braid the ponytails. So start with the top-right or left, it does not matter, and do a regular braid or twist would be really cute too, and then attach it to the ponytail that’s down one and over, and just take another elastic and tie it off. If you wanna see more of the posts I have created, make sure to come check out my blog over at Twist Me Pretty. I will make sure to leave the link in the description box and then when you get to the last one, you can either do little messy buns or you can keep them in pigtails. I have also added cute little ribbons or bows, so I’m gonna leave mine as pigtails for now and just finish off the style. You like this hairstyle? Do you guys like this hairstyle? Thumbs up if you do! And then you can click that little i button right up there to see more of the hairstyles that I have done on myself. So. We’ll see you next week and do you a new turial. New tutorial. Bye guys! Bye! Should we show’em how to do it? What are you, to me? Yeah. Hi I’m Savy. This is my wittle sidechickawawa. Click that red button down there. And let’s get started!.

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