Criss Cross Ponytail Hairstyles for School

Hey guys today we are gonna show you a hairstyle called the crisscross ponytail. This one is great for prom or homecoming or other special events like that. It’s super easy, but it looks amazing, and you guys are gonna love it. But before we get onto the hairstyle, be sure that you click the bell right here next to the comment button. This is gonna help send you notifications when we put up our new posts and tell you guys so that you can be the first ones to be here for power hour, which is when we answer your comments for an hour after we upload the posts. Be sure to click the bell, and let’s go to the hairstyle. Okay, to begin a crisscross ponytail, what you need to do is start by separating off a small section of hair underneath the majority of her hair. So I’m kind of just going like middle ear to middle ear and creating a part line like this. So it is gonna give me a section about this big to work with later. Now just have her hold this for one second. I’m gonna take this and divide it right in half so it is two equal parts. And then just using some gator clips, secure it out of the way. Now we are gonna go back and create a nice pretty ponytail.

Criss Cross Ponytail Hairstyles for School Photo Gallery

I’m gonna end up having it right here towards the nape of her neck. I’m just gonna go back and make this look really pretty and soft by adding some teasing and some backcombing through the middle, and we will start from there. Okay, you can see I secured her hair with this elastic. I definitely pulled and teased her hair to make it soft and really like very boho looking. We want this to be a really soft do. Now I have left some front hairs down, too, around her ears to frame her face to also add to the softness of the look. Now you are going to take a Topsy Tail and you are going to just put it kind of like of the way over to the left side, and it is gonna go down under the rest of the hair, kind of on a diagonal like this. I’m gonna take the right piece of hair that we had pulled to the side and clipped. I’m gonna take this hair, I’m gonna take it through the Topsy Tail, and then I’m just gonna give it a gentle little tug down. So it is basically crossing it up and over. Now I’m gonna take the Topsy Tail and do the same thing but on the right side of the hair. We’re gonna go all the way under this hair this time. And take the left piece of hair, cross it up and through the Topsy Tail, and then give the Topsy Tail a tug, and we will pull it through. Okay, once you have pulled the hair on both sides through, you are gonna have these pieces on the sides. Now depending on your hair, you might be able to just blend it into the ponytail like this and have it look fine.

But if you are worried that it is going to stand out, you can also take these two pieces, and just using an elastic, take them underneath. And then take like a clear elastic or an elastic that matches the hair and secure the whole thing together with this elastic. Like this. And then we do not want this to show, obviously, so what we are gonna do is just kind of tighten this up, up, up until it hides. And then allow the crossovers to continue to hide that elastic. And then the ponytail will be nice and secure. To finish the look off, I would just go back and do any tweaking, you might want to pull this out a little more, you might wanna give the tops a little tugcause I definitely wanna see that the hair crosses underneath. I would go back in just right here at the top of the ponytail and give it just a little bit of a backcomb right through here just to make the ponytail even more full and fluffy looking. Make sure you comb the ends out, et cetera, and add just a little hairspray to the whole look just to give it an even added little fluff, and you are all set. Okay, let’s do the final spin, here we go. You can see the beautiful criss and the cross and the full ponytail, it is so soft, love it. The extra bonus is how easy was that hairstyle? Oh, yeah. Really easy. Yea. Don’t forget to click the bell so that you get notifications about our posts going live. You can click over here to see all of our other posts, and we will see you guys next Sunday, bye, guys. Bye.

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