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Hey everyone. I’m Abby from “Hairstyles.” And today, I’m in Charlotte, North Carolina. And I’m visiting with Evelina from “EveliniCutza.” Hey. Some of you guys may already know her because she’s seriously fantastic. But just in case you don’t, I wanted her to quickly tell you a little bit about her blog. Hi. My name’s Evelina, like Abby said. I do a lot of fashion, DIY, and hair tutorials on my blog. Which, of course, is the most important part, right? The hair. Yep. So today, we decided, since we are together, we are going to film a hair tutorial or two, one on her blog and one on mine. And it is going to be all things fabulous for buns. So check it out. Get yourself some buns. Get yourself some buns. Get yourself some buns. They’re going to be good. So the hair tutorial we are going to do today, we are calling cross-braided bun.

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So what you are going to need is a bun maker. Now, you can buy one like this at any of your local hair supply stores, or you can just cut off the top of a sock and roll it up and make one out of a sock. But either way, you are going to take it. Let me just show you what we have already done. We’ve already put her hair into a high ponytail. And we have taken one little section behind each ear and created a braid. Once you have those two braids in place and the high ponytail, take the bun maker, and we are going to just slide it over the ponytail. And then, I’m going to take her hair and form I’m going to throw it forward so that it completely covers that bun maker. And then, take another elastic and slide it over the top of that. So now, we are going to bring it just a little bit this way. You can see we have this nice round pretty-looking bun right here on her head. Now, with the rest of her hair, what I’m going to do, now that it is already fanned out, I’m going to grab a piece right here and just twist it. Give it little twist. And as I’m twisting, adding a little bit more hair. And I’m just going to wrap this is around the base of her bun. And that’s going to give her bun a really nice soft look. And it is also going to take care of all of that excess hair for us. So you are just going to keep wrapping until you run out of hair and then just re put the hair again and again until she’s got really long hair, so it is really twisting. And then, I’m going to take a couple of bobby pins, and just secure the ends so that they do not loosen up. Maybe one more. Thank you. And we have this nice soft wrapped soft bun.

But now, we are going to add a little pazazz to it. So we are going to take our braids, and I’m just going to cross. So this is the braid that’s by her right ear. And I’m going to take it over to the left side and just cross it in front down at the base. And then, using another bobby pin, I will show you on the other side so you can see better. Let me just secure this one. So take the one on the left side, cross it over and then wrap it up and over the bun. And then, you can see where mine’s ending right here. I’m just going to take that and hide that elastic and end and then, bobby pin it in. Like that. And what you are going to end up with OK. Turn your head. is this pretty criss-cross in the back of her hair on top of the gorgeous soft bun. And we are done. It’s so easy, so simple, very fast, and you guys, I’m sure, will love it. What do you think, Evelina? I love it. I can see myself in there. No, I can’t. I think it looks great. You can just hide that elastic right there. It needs to be hidden a little bit more. There. And it is perfect. So we hope you guys enjoy. Don’t forget to go to Evelina’s blog and check out the bun that we did on my hair. And that one’s really fun, too, with lots of braids. Well, we will see you guys later. See you. Bye. Hair right there behind it. That becomes the middle strand. So you can see, again, I have placed it in the middle. And now, I’m going to cross that middle strand over the bottom strand over the bottom strand. Got it. Are they both on? Mm hm. OK. So today, we are going to film a tutorial that we are calling hair oh.

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