Curly Hairstyles 3 Quick Easy Looks for the Holidays

Hi guys my name is Sindy abassin and i am super super excited to be here with you guys today i’m gonna be showing you some incredibly easy hairstyles that you can rock this holiday season it with your natural waves of curls and, I assure you the things are going to be very very easy hairstyles that you can achieve because, I’m not I’m not super talented when it comes to styling my hair. So if, I can do this then you can do this too this ago also, I just wanted to mention really quickly, I feel like during the holiday season especially many people feel like they need to have super super polished beautiful curls or straight hair and, I just want to show you that you can rock your waves or curls and your natural hair this holiday season. So let’s go ahead and jump on in and do not forget to check out the link in the description box down below to my blog for all things wavy and curly when you are done alright let’s get started alright guys.

So tip again I’m gonna start by clipping in a couple of my lips hair extensions really just for a little bit more volume and just fabulous ins to the looks as many of you know your luxy hair extensions come very sleek and beautiful and they are fabulous but they just do not match my hair texture incredibly well because, I have waves in my hair, I have curls in my hair and my hair is a little bit more textured and a little fuzzy you know just a little bit. So, I do have a post that we will be linking in the description box down below that will show you how, I created some curly extensions and mys and then also some waves and mys. So that it can kind of blend more seamlessly with my natural hair texture kind of rough them up a little bit you know a little sea salt it’ll do the trick.

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So yeah be sure to check out that post I’m gonna go ahead and pop these in and then I’m gonna show you guys the first love okay. So now that, I have three west of hair locked in and let me just say, I mean, I just think it blends. So beautifully and seamlessly with my hair and it is unreal y’all.

So for this very first look, I put all of the hair on this side because we are gonna doing a very very deep side part over here. So, I would recommend taking a coma leg of this and just parting your hair very deep and dramatic just like this alright guys. So now that we have deep part of our hair on this side we are going to go ahead and create a braid on this side you can choose to do a regular braid a fishtail braid a two strand braid whatever type of braid you want to do I’m going to keep it super simple and do a two strand braid the tighter you do this um the kind of edgier of a look it is going to be, I think this is a very fun trendy option that.

I’ve been seeing lately that’s just kind of cool and interesting for the holiday season. So with the two stranded braids you are just gonna go ahead and take a little tiny bit of hair to start out with and take two pieces twist them tightly and then add some more hair to that front piece and twist add more hair to the front piece and twist and just keep doing it all the way to the bottom once you get to the bottom go ahead and tie an elastic and then you can just bobby pin your hair to the back and hide it and then you can have this very cool sleek braid on this side with a lot of volume and drama on the other all right now it is next look it is definitely the most feminine and just pretty and soft look, I love to rock my hair half up and half down all the time my favourite thing is just to have my hair out of my face, I do not know about you guys. So I’m gonna start by putting my hair hop up and you are gonna want to take your thumbs take them right in front of your ears and just pull up and we are going to use like use a thinner hair tie you do not want to use a thick thick elastic.

So just use a little thin one give yourself a little knot at the top once you have your hair elastic and you just want to pull it taut and kind of pull it out. So there’s a little bit more volume and you can have some little weights or pearls hanging or on your face pull it all to the front and at this point you can kind of jazz up this look whether you want to add like a little leather band and put it around there you can add some hair braid it and wrap it around you can kind of jog this look up really however you want to make it as dressy or casual as you prefer for me personally today I’m gonna try to give this like a little bit more volume a little bit more of a polished feel. So I’m gonna go ahead and take this leather band and wrap it around my hair tie.

So it looks nice and polished now for a little bit more volume in the ponytail I’m gonna go ahead and add a clip about this big that matches my hair pretty well and I’m going to clip it right behind and underneath this to kind of lift up our Pony a little bit and at this point you can go ahead and in some of your luxy hair extensions or if you feel that your hair is already thick enough then totally just leave it like this I’m going to go ahead and add a couple West last but certainly not least we have a little bit more of a casual half-up half-down do from the last one but you can definitely dress this up and make this as dressy or casual as you want it to be. So with this look you are gonna keep some of these pieces framing your face and kind of pull from the crown of your head you are just gonna want to pull a decent amount of hair up and we are gonna kind of create a cute little bun up here it is just a very toss close kind of messy look, I just like to wrap some hair on the top of my head just kind of wrap it into a little bun and like, I said we are still gonna be keeping these face framing pieces which, I love and just think it’s. So kind of just like feminine and elegant.

So we are just gonna twist this up and then we are gonna add some bobby pins okay once we have our bun locked into place you are going to lunge it is kind of like tousle it kind of structured I will make it as big or as little as you want and then you can add some a little holiday festive things to it. So whether you want to wrap like a silver sparkly bands around it to match your dress or if you wanted to add like a bold cuff you can kind of create whatever festive holiday look you want. So I’m gonna jazz this bun up real quick be right back alright guys, I hope you enjoyed this post thank you.

So much for reading, I really hope that you found these ideas and styles to be very easy to recreate and beneficial to you guys this holiday season even if you have straight hair wavy hair curly hair kinky curly hair you can totally rock all of these styles be sure if you do recreate any of these looks to time Aleksey hair or hashtag luxy hair and of course be sure to click the link in the description box and pop on over to my blog for all things that we need and currently in vinsol next time I will see you soon bye guys .

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