To begin separate your hair down the middle.

Because we want to even braids on each side in my opinion, I feel like this hairstyle looks better with slight waves it makes it look more romantic feminine and chic. So basically what I’m doing here is separating my hair into two sections brushing it out putting some heat protectant in and I’m using a 3/4 inch Conair tool.


Because, I want my waves to be more loose and not as curly, I also like to alternate the direction of the curls to create a more Messier look throughout the hair finish the other section on the top of the head and you will just get that really messy really loose waves throughout the hair now once the curls have sat and cooled I’m just going to simply run my hand through my hair and this is where you can add hairspray and texturizer and spray to add hold to your curls.

So for both hairstyles all you will need is two clear elastics and bobby pins that sort of match your hair color all right let’s begin the first braided hairstyle take a small section about an inch an inch and a half away from the actual front of your head and we are going to split that down the middle creating two sections. If you have not guessed already yes it is going to be a fishtail braid start by grabbing a smaller section and bring it underneath over to the other section holding that section I’m going to go back and grab more hair from the same side and bring it underneath to make the section bigger and thicker and do exactly the same thing take a small section tuck it underneath go back grab more hair from the head and bring it underneath as well to the other side creating a fishtail braid. So I’m just going to quickly fast forward this part this is doing exactly the same thing adding a little bit more hair to the braid to make it more thicker and just to make it appear more bigger once you have added enough hair from the actual head we are just going to go continue doing the braid without adding extra hair once you get to the very bottom you will have a little bit of hair left over and not securing it just yet I’m going to go back can and start loosening the braid once, I secured that braid I’m gonna go to the other side and do exactly the same fishtail braid and yes I’m just going to fast forward this part and let you guys see what, I do imagine. If you could braid that fast how awesome would that be all right let’s begin to assemble the first hairstyle.

So what I’m going to do is actually hide this part right here the part that’s not braided and the elastic I’m going to actually tuck it underneath like that and bring it back this way it hides the elastic part and the part that’s not braided taking your bobby pin with the ridges facing your actual scalp and tuck it right underneath the braid securing it and basically disguising the bobby pin I’m just going to go back in and just loosen some of those hairs in the back just to give a more Messier look and here’s the first braided hairstyle it is kind of like crown in a way that does not go all the way around your head. But yeah, I think it is pretty, and it is fun and let’s continue to the second hairstyle to begin grab a small section right on your hairline and split it in half to create two sections to begin a fishtail braid yes, I’m fast-forwarding this part. Because it is exactly the same fishtail braid as the first one except this one is going along your front hairline just like the first braid I’m going to add extra hair to the braid about halfway and then stop and continue braiding all the way down and securing it with an elastic once the braid is secured we are just going to take it behind the ear and this is where I’m going to bobby pin it behind you might need one or two bobby pins depending on how thick your hair is and here’s what it looks like with just one braid you can stop here or you can do a second braid like, I’m right now it is exactly the same braid I’m just going to fast forward it and let you guys watch it and, I did want to mention. If you do have bangs and you want to get them on your face this hairstyle is perfect or. If you just want to kind of vamp up your everyday hairstyle for your hair right thank you so much for reading, I really hope you like these types of posts really quick and easy and I will see you guys next time.

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