Cute Easy Loop Waterfall Braid Hairstyles

Hi I’m going to show you this really cool new hairstyle, I call it the loop waterfall braid it is not really a braid it is more like a weaving technique that is so beautiful this look waterfall braid looks like it is hard to recreate but it is actually super super easy.

So let’s begin alright boys and girls. So the first thing I’m gonna do is I’m gonna brush my hair, I got my brush here because for this hairstyle one thing that you want to make sure is that you have no tangles in your hair otherwise it is going to be very very hard to do it and you are just going to create tangles instead of a braid. So the first thing I’m gonna do is quickly give my hair brush and I’m wearing my lucky hair extensions I’m not wearing the full set because I’m going to be braiding here.

So I have kind of skipped three of the webs that go here and, I just have three clear web four clip weft like very much at the bottom and the one clip webs that, I also didn’t put here which, I usually put here, I just put them at the bottom just whatever, I could find space, I just clip them in. So I’m just gonna push my hair back and just brush my hair in the back and then turn around to show you what I will be doing alright.

So the first thing I’m going to do is grab a section of hair from the right section like that and then with my left hand and two fingers. So the index and the middle finger I’m going to just grab the section and create a loop okay. So once.

I’ve created this loop as you can see, I have my two fingers here I’m going to take the fingers out and I’m going to put my right hand I’m going to put the thumb and the index finger through this loop and this is really the hardest part of this hairstyle the rest is pretty easy. So then I’m going to grab the end of this hair and then as I’m doing that I’m going to flatten that loop take this section twist it and this creates a second loop just like that at this point we just want to make sure these two loops are secure that’s really important that as I’m going to be creating and weaving more loops, I want to make sure that these first ones are logged. So what I’m going to do is just grab a bobby pin and just insert it at the beginning of these loops at this point I’m just going to continue with my thumb and index finger I’m going to go through this loop.

So the second one that, I have with my left hand I’m going to help out and I’m going to feed a section of hair through this loop as, I pull it through the loop, I twist it and, I create another loop you see what, I mean I’m gonna continue doing the exact same thing. So I’m gonna feed more hair through the loop then I’m gonna pull this hair as, I pull it, I twist it and, I continue flatting out the loops the new loops that, I create alright. So feed more hair through the loop twist it and continue with my right hand the thumb and the index finger the left hand just feeds more hair through that loop then you pull the section through the loop you twist it as you pull it that’s what we have.

So far now the way I’m gonna end this is, I have this last loop and I’m going to just carefully just feed one more section through it except that here, I will not create another loop I will just pull the whole thing through. So I’m gonna do that first and then I’m gonna flatten out that last loop that, I created and again I’m just gonna take a bobby pin or two and I’m gonna pin it in place all right. So once you bobby-pin a lot this last section I’m just gonna go back into my hair and just smooth it out with my hands just gonna kind of brush under these loops because sometimes the hair can get a bit messy you can go in with a brush as well, I just prefer to do it with my fingers.

So it just looks a bit effortless and that’s it firing my beauties. So this is all for the loop waterfall braid it is such a beautiful feminine hairstyle it looks very effortless and it is very different from a regular braid, I think all of your friends will be asking you how to recreate it and you can do it on them you can teach them or you can send them to my post, I would really appreciate that make sure to like this post down below if you enjoyed reading this post and when you do recreate the salute waterfall braid, I would absolutely love to see your recreations. So make sure to hashtag luxy hair and my favourites are always featured on all luxy hair instagram thank you.

So much for tuning in, I love you guys and I will see you next week bye can you do this loop Waterfall.

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