Cute Easy Workout Hairstyles

Ah hi I’m at a different setting again the ones of you who watch me from the beginning when we started luxy hair blog or the ones are you who. I have seen my oldest posts might recognize this room a little bit some of you are right right now because you are guessing this is back in Toronto this is my old room and my old well not really my old setting cuz the bed was different and, I think, I had some art in the back but anyways this is the room where it all started and it’s.

So crazy to be back here posting again me and Alex are just back in Toronto for a week. So this was Alex’s mom’s room now. So I’m just using Alex’s mom’s room to post this tutorial and today’s tutorial is actually gonna be really cute and easy hairstyles that you can do for a workout whether you workout in the gym or do yoga or go running anything like that, I personally decided that 2015 is gonna be the year that I’m gonna look my best, I work out a little bit you know, I do yoga in two five minute workouts in the morning but in 2015, I really decided that, I might even get a personal trainer and really push my body to the next level I’m really excited to just work on my strength and get more definition.

So anyways that’s beside the point. So let’s get started if you want to see it is really cute an easy hair tutorial then keep on reading ponytail is probably one of my favorite hairstyles to wear when, I work out this one has a bit of a twist, I call it the knot your ponytail K and ot alright. So what I’m gonna do and as you can see I’m not wearing any extensions today this with just my hair.

So what I’m gonna do is just split my hair. So I’m gonna leave a little bit of the front push the rest back on the left side do the same thing here. So just a little bit of here okay like that alright.

So I’m gonna grab the rest of the hair in the back and just put it in a regular ponytail once. I have created the ponytail I’m gonna take these sections back and I’m gonna bring them together and create a knot right over the base of the ponytail now I’m going to take the ends of this hair and create a knot in the back of the ponytail as well once. I have done that I’m just gonna grab my bobby pin and pin everything in place to make sure it is safe and secure and then I’m just gonna adjust the knot over the base of the ponytail to hide the elastic and that is it the second hairstyle I’m gonna show you today is probably one of my favorites because usually when, I start working out, I realize that my hair is down and, I do not have a hair elastic and, I do not have bobby pins.

So what, I usually do is do a side braid and, I call it the organic side braid. I have done a post on this before but, I thought, I would bring it back because this is my favorite it is when working out. So what I’m gonna do right now is just bring all my hair on one side and then I’m just gonna start doing a regular three strand braid just gonna separate my bangs first and as I’m gonna do the three strand braid notice that, I let the ends of my hair to tangle on purpose because that’s how I’m gonna make sure that this braid stays intact.

So I’m just holding the hair in three sections and I’m gonna start doing the three strand braid and notice how I’m doing the three strand braid and my ends are starting to tangle more and more alright. So I’m just gonna braid it as low as, I can go and then when, I can feel that you know this is sort of the end, I find an opening at the end of the braid and, I take the ends of my braid and, I pull it through that opening and once, I pulled it I’m just gonna fan it out go back to the braid pull in some of the sections and you can see this braid is very secure you can work out it is not gonna go anywhere you can run you can dance you can do whatever you want. So yeah this is what the finished braid looks like now I’m just gonna use this braid now to do a third hairstyle and it is gonna be a really cool side braid fun and I’m just gonna go on my site to show you guys and all I’m gonna be needing is a few bobby pins to do this one.

So what I’m going to do is grab this braids now and I’m gonna twist it into a circle and then bring the end of this braid through that circle like that and then I’m just gonna hide this end inside of the bun once, I have this bun in the shape I’m just gonna turn around and pin it in place and that is it. So these are my personal favorite three hair cells that, I do when, I work out let me know which one is your favorite give them a try and when you recreate them make sure to post on your Instagram what luxy hair hashtag, I would love to see your recreations thank you guys. So much for tuning in have a beautiful day wherever you are lots of kisses and I will see you next week bye hmm.

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