Cute Everyday No Heat Side Bun Hairstyles

Hey guys I’m going to be showing you how to recreate this really simple sort of a different everyday look it is a side ponytail kind of messy with a side French braid, I think it is a perfect look to wear for back to school or first day at work or whatever it just gives you.

So much personality and definitely adds a little bit of flair to you. So here’s the look from the side and all the way to the back and then the other side. So, I really enjoyed this look it has no heat.

So less damage to your hair and it does not take a lot of time once you can get the hang of it of the process. So if you guys want to know how to recreate this look definitely stay tuned and I will show you exactly what you need to do. So for this look we are going to need just a few basic things and that is a teasing comb um lots of bobby pins and any kind of elastic band that you have on hand I’m going to use these luck small ones just because they match my hair and they are comfortable and then if you have some baby hairs then, I would suggest using some hairspray or mousse or gel or something like that to smooth out the hair before we braid.

So that’s all we are going to need really simple really easy no heat. So the first thing we are gonna do is separate the portion of hair that we want to start braiding and for me I’m going to do it sort of where my brow ends and I’m just going to use my fingers but you could also use a rat tail comb if that is more comfortable for you and then we are going to separate a section of about two inches or. So going all the way from this side all the way sort of to your ear on the opposite side and again I’m just using my fingers just because it is more comfortable for me but you could definitely use um you know a rat tail comb to do this now, I forgot to mention you will need a clip or something like that to just hold the hair in the back while you are braiding.

So you have the section I’m going to use because, I have these really kind of annoying flyaways I’m going to use a little bit of hairspray before, I start braiding really lightly just to kind of tame them just like this there we go and then what we are gonna do is just do a regular side French braid and, I already have a tutorial on it. So if you are not sure how to do it then check it out I’m going to link it down below. So I’m going to go relatively fast for this tutorial for the sake of time but you can definitely check that tutorial out to see how to do this if you are not sure it is going to start braiding all the way from this side going all the way towards the other side of the ear and I’m going to fast for it right now.

So you can skip this part if you already know how to do it when we get to this part all we want to do is just secure the braid with a bobby pin and just kind of go up we are not doing anything different or fancy we are just securing it on the side there then we are going to release the hair carefully kind of fluff up the hair and then I’m going to just tease this portion right here just to add a little bit of texture to the top portion. So it is not. So flat.

So I’m just going to separate the section of hair at the car I’m gonna do a light tease. So I’m gonna spray the hair lightly at the roots and then using the Denman d3 teasing comb I’m just going to lightly tease at the roots just like this just at the roots and then we are going to let it go and smooth it out okay just like this and then we want to just tease right here as well just at the top the section that’s going to kind of cover the top portion. So just tease it lightly again and then smooth it out next we want to gather all the hair to one side just like this and then kind of fix it up make sure that it is it’s kind of even on all sides and then put it up into a side ponytail using a elastic band if you wanted to kind of end right here you could do that as well and to finish off the look, I would just suggest to pick up a portion of hair and just kind of wrap it around the base of the ponytail just to have the more finished look but I’m going to take it a step further for this look just to make it a little bit more interesting and kind of fun and different.

So you can fix up the hair by making sure that it is even and again you could use a rat tail comb but I’m trying to make this as simple as possible for people that are in a rush. So portion of this style what we are going to do is separate the hair into sections and we are just going to be lightly teasing them and then randomly pinning the hair up into kind of different sections. So I’m going to separate the first section and it is going to be about an inch or.

So and we are going to lightly spray it and then tease just add the roots because, I I just want to add a little bit of a little bit of substance to the to the section. So just like this I’m just teasing at the roots and then what we are gonna do is kind of take the hair and randomly start twisting the middle like this and then we are going to be attaching it to the head by using bobby pins. So that’s pretty much going to be the look it is gonna vary every time you do it and going to be different on everyone because it is such a random sort of positioning of the hair but it is going to be fun once we are finished you will see it is going to look really really pretty.

So we are going to just continue doing that for the rest of the hair and I’m going to fast forward this portion as well just to kind of show you the end result you. So once you are down pinning up the hair teasing the sections pinning the hair this is kind of what the side view of the look is going to look like. So really kind of funky and different and fun and uh I will show you guys how it looks like from all sides.

So, I really like it it is simple it could be done on most hair lengths, I would say medium like shoulder or shoulder length hair too longer and you can do it with extensions or without if you wanted to have more of a dramatic bun for let’s say an evening look you could definitely use extensions to just add that extra volume and thickness but for everyday, I think it is perfect just like this it is really fun and the addition of the braids just adds a little bit more interest and, I love, I love doing side French braids it is just such a fun look and adds such a different whole vibe to your entire looks, I really hope you guys enjoyed this tutorial definitely give it a try it is simple it is easy anybody can do it. So, I hope you guys have a great beginning to a new year of school or work and I will see you guys in the next tutorial bye.

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