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So this morning we are going to do a couple really fun team buns, and ponies, and really good homecoming hairstyles, or prom hairstyles. The first one I’m going to do I’m calling Cute Teen Bun. This one’s really fun, and I did pictures of this like a million years ago and we are finally doing a post. You’re going to need for this one a lot of bobby pins. Now I’m going to show you. This is a normal bobby pin, and this is a large bobby pin. Can see the difference in size? If your daughter has thicker hair you will probably need the bigger bobby pins because you are going to holding large chunks of hair for this one. If your daughter just has the average to thin hair, little bobby pins will work just fine. These are just the normal ones you buy at Walmart. These ones you might have to go to a hair store for. OK. Hang onto those there.

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So I have parted her hair on just her natural part line, and I have pulled it back into a side ponytail. Because she has kind of naturally fine, wispy hair I have wet her’s down, but you can do it looser and dryer, and have a more soft adult look. Once you get your ponytail of course, mine’s wet already I’m just going to separate off a chunk of hair. Now, visualize that you are going to ultimately have five pieces you are separating it into, so you do not want to take a massive chunk at the beginning, but you do not want to take too little either. So if you just kind of think, well, that’s about even five pieces so that’s probably good. So you take the top piece I wet it down. Don’t have to. You can also straighten it and use a little bit of hairspray to help keep the whispies in, and I comb it so it is really straight. When I get to the end, you are just going to flip those ends over and start rolling it up. So you just use your fingers to roll. You can see I’m making a little circle. The hair up. When you get to the top give me the smaller ones, babe. Thanks. Then you take a bobby pin, and you are going to clip that hair the roll to the hair from her ponytail. Now do two I do at least two bobby pins per section of hair. And on this side you are just going to go from the opposite direction and put another bobby pin in, and that secures that hair to the head. OK, now you are going to section off another little bit of hair. Try to get my pieces even.

Again, wet it down. Kind of comb through it. Roll your fingers down and roll it up. When you get to the top grab a bobby pin, bobby pin it in yell if they’ll start hurting, honey. And of course, you are going to just want to adjust the bobby pins so they do not hurt. Ow. Don’t worry if it looks a little loose. It always does initially. So again, just take that hair out and add it in. Another piece of hair. Roll it up. If you have little shorter ones sometimes they’ll pop out. That’s OK too. Just make sure you tuck them in. You can always use a little single bobby pins later to just stick those extra little whispies down. So you have three that we rolled up towards the head. On the bottom two we are going to roll down. not quite even. So on this one, instead of rolling the hair up we are going to roll it under. Get a nice little roll going. Same thing again. Add the bobby pins. And the last piece. Roll it up. So if I have ones that pop out like that I’m just re-roll them in. Roll it up. Sorry, honey. Obviously hair with a little bit of layers to it is a little more challenging. OK, now you just spread the hair out a little bit. Kind of group those hairs together. Spray it with a little hairspray. I can see that this piece right here is a little tiny bit loose, so if you have little loosies like this you can just stick another little bobby pin in there. Just hold that one a little bit tighter. And as her hair dries these little chunks will smooth out, and it will be this cute little flower bun. Then just add a little hairspray to secure it. Now, if you were going to use this for a dance hairdo, you could add a cute flower right here, right behind the ear for a little accessory or a little fun clip to match her dress. And there you go.

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