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Hi everyone I’m molita In today’s post I will make cute makeup Innocent Korean makeup look So for you who want to look cute funny Cute please keep reading To have good and dewy skin like korean I will exfoliate my face first with innisfree capsule recipe pack This is kiwi The function is to lift dead skin and to give nutrition The texture is cream and can be use Three to four times Take it sufficiently And Rub it into your skin After that We leave it for 10 minutes. Okay it is already 10 minutes I want to wash it first Now my face feel soft and smooth And we are ready to apply the makeup. Before we start I want to use sunblock first from innisfree Eco safety daily sunblock If you ever see my first makeup post You will know that I us this product also And this is my second bottle What I like from this sunblock is this sunblock do not patch at all on your skin After you use it The it also didn’t give white cast on your face This sunblock also very light.

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So really good for daily use For foundation today I use from Kill cover liquid founwear cushion So this is not BB cushion but foundation cushion And on this one set there is the refill that for me it is a lot And also there is primer so for me this set is totally worth it I will use primer first so this primer is in pink colour The function is to brighten up our skin And CLIO ambassador is Gong Hyo Jin.

Korean Makeup Look

So you frequently comment that I look alike with Gong Hyo Jin So today I use her makeup Now it is time to use cushion and this I use number 3 colour The box is really good guys very solid And look elegant not cheap When we use this cushion we must very careful because Look In one press can cover the whole face See one press the whole face this is amazing I was wrong to choose this colour actually I should choose number 4 ginger colour the darkest And I think number 4 is more suitable for me than this number 3 Apart from the colour for me the result of this cushion is good I want to tell you story.

Korean Makeup Looks 2018

I have been using this cushion for weeks According to me if we use this cushion it is better to skip moisturiser Before that I like to use too much skin care Then use sunblock primer and then this The result is very bad like The foundation is not permeate into my skin it is like sit on top of my skin And it is look very cakey It’s emphasise my spots substantially it was not good So if you want to buy this Directly use sunblock directly use primer then the result will be Super flawless From the name Kill cover we know that this cushion has high coverage This foundation has set for several minutes and I love it so much For eyebrow I will use CLIO tinted tattoo kill brow So this is not eyebrow pencil but more like eyebrow marker At the end has mascara for eyebrow The way is to draw small fine lines After that we shape our eyebrow I recommend this for you who have thin eyebrow Because it will fill our eyebrow Without look that we have draw it so the result is really natural.

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Next I will use eyeshadow from Chateau Labiotte Wine eyeshadow pallete Number one Dry Wine I will choose this shimmer brown colour I do not know the name because the writing is in korea And I will apply it all over my eyelid After that take this dark brown There also a bit shimmer on it And apply it on the outer coner This technique will make our double eyelid more deep Then take the same colour and use it on lower lash line The take this light brown as blending colour And now take this white shimmer colour to highlight your inner eye corner To add the sparkle I use this colour And put it on the middle Now I want to curl my lashes first And for the eyeliner today I’m using Tony Moly brown gel liner Because I want the result become natural and cute that’s why I use this colour As usual now I will use mascara If your eyelashes already long you can skip this step But my eyelashes now Very thin so I want to use fake lashes.

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Today I use from twinkle lash Daisy The shape is like this I will use a bit of eyeliner in front We’re finish with the eyes now for the cheek I want to use Colour cushion blusher from The Face Shop The colour is really good guys The colour is like this Wrecked Because of Aiden play with it I will use it on the top a little bit so that it will look cute I use this colour to contour my nose a little bit For the lipstick I will use from Aritaum Jelly Bar This is korea brand but they make it on Italy let me show you And the formula is a bit the same with Mac Cremesheen.

Because I have use Mac and this lipstick quality is really good too Almost the same Mine is number 5 the colour is so good let me show you I really like this I’m highly recommend it The formula is creamy easy to apply and very comfortable And also the lipstick have no strange smell and taste I want to make gradient lips I will use the cushion sponge Then I will erase at the outer of my lips Today I will not contour because I want this look look innocent and not strong Not vicious So this is the makeup result To make the makeup look complete I will use half wig From @sissyclip on instagram And this is not full wig it just half wig The quality is quite good not coarse And the hair also not easy to loss Because I didn’t curl my hair and this is curly so I will tie my hair So that The wig is visible The wig have the headbands so just use it And push it behind a little bit Okay I will fix my hair first I will be right back This is the first choice if you want to look more extra cute I have fake pony tail And just clip it This is the end of this post and if you like it do not forget to give Like and comment below what do you think about my look And do not forget to comment my chanel And follow my instagram for my daily life update Bye.

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