Cute Spring Fishtail Braid Hairstyle

Hey guys we will be recreating the look that’s actually requested by one of our commentrs, I I just fell in love with the look when, I first saw it and, I decided to, I do a quick little tutorial for you it is kind of an easy look but it is one of those looks that has a very high impact because of the fishtail braid. So if you like this look and want to know how to recreate it stay tuned and I will show you exactly what you need to do okay.

So this is like a very very easy look. So all we really need is a brush to comb through the hair and a couple of elastics that match your hair color and that’s it the first thing you want to do like always is to quickly brush through the hair to ensure that its tangle free. So next what I’m going to do is create a two braids.

So one is going to be on this side and one on this side and it is going to be very very loose sort of braids. So you want to pick up a bun of two-inch section from one side and bring the rest of the hair back and you want to create a very loose regular three-strand braid. So we are going to divide the hair into three and just create this braid and once you get to the bottom just use one of these elastics to secure the end.

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So again what I’m doing over on this side is going to create a regular three strand braid and just crew, I just kind of braid it loosely and this time around do not go all the way to the bottom you want to go about half way or 3/4 way all the way down and secure with an elastic band. So once you have your second braid in what you want to do is bring this first braid over to the other side what I’m doing is just bringing this braid over to the other side and what we are going to do is attach them together and I will turn around for this step. So you can see what I’m doing I’m going to grab an elastic band and just bring the grade over mostly to the left side and you want to just attach these two braids together.

So once you have them attached together what I’m going to do is just remove the elastics from the first two braids and just release the hair from it and not to finish off the look once this is done is to create a regular fishtail braid for the remaining here. So, I brought all the hair to one side and we already have Mimi has created a really good fishtail braid tutorial. So I will link that here and you can check it out if you are not sure how to do it otherwise I’m just going to do a regular fishtail braid which is just bringing a piece of hair from one side over to the other and then from the other side over to the other side and you basically just continue doing the same thing.

So grabbing small pieces of hair and passing it on to the next side and then continuing on with their other side bringing the hair back and I’m going to continue doing that all the way to the rest to the bottom of the hair and once, I get to the bottom just secure that with an elastic band. So once you secure the fishtail braid at the end the look is done it is a super cute look it’s. So adorable, I love how the braid in the back just kind of becomes goes all the way around and becomes this fishtail braid, I just really like this look and, I hope you guys enjoyed – it is perfect for spring perfect for summer and just takes a little bit of time because of the fishtail braid but other than that it is really really easy.

So thank you. So much for reading I will see in the next post bye.

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