Cute Summer Half Up Half Down Hairstyle

Hello how are you all doing today’s tutorial is going to be something super easy and fun like always um and it is called half-up half-down it is a very easy look to achieve you know we are gonna curl all the hair and at the end there’s gonna be a little twist with the hair going a little up, I think this is a very simple look to pull off but it gives you kind of an interesting twist and something anyone can do because you know if, I can do it you can do it, I usually try to go for the easiest things that anyone can get because personally, I do not have the patience you know to do crazy complicated things.

So, I think you guys would like that and let’s begin. So as you guys can see, I’m wearing my lucky hair extensions today and I’m wearing chocolate brown number 4 and 160 gram set which is super luxurious and we are going to be using a curling iron which is a cortex foreign one the size of the barrel is one and a quarter inch. So this is not the largest burial this is them the second the second largest or the second yeah the second large we are going to need a paddle brush just a regular paddle brush we are gonna need some hair elastics and depending on how thick or thin your hair is you might use an actual hair elastic or these little ones.

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So I’m for hairspray, I actually stopped using L’Oreal hairspray and many of you would be surprised because we have been raving about that hairspray for many many for not many years but for almost a year for as long as we had the blog but recently, I actually decided to kind of move away from many of the chemical products that. I have been using um chemical toxic products and I’m just trying to switch to more natural more organic products that, I can find on the market and um right now, I use Vita brilliant brilliant medium hold hairspray and um. I have had this actually for a while, I just, I do not really know why, I stopped using it it is actually a really good hairspray.

So I’m using this for now but I’m looking or my new favorite hairspray. So on if you are looking for a new hairspray this is really good but um I’m always looking for new products. So if you can recommend any any natural hair sprays please go ahead and leave a comment down below but this is what we are going to be using to you know to hold the hair style.

So what I’m gonna do first is just brush the hair to make sure there are no tangles or anything, I just, I have not even blended my hair with the extensions, I kind of just clipped them in because, I know I will be curling them. I have already sprayed my hair with a heat protectant and, I usually use Tresemme heat protectant right now, I’m also looking for a natural heat protectant but, I have not found anything that, I like. So far if you know anything please let me know down below but um yeah definitely spray your hair and extensions if you are wearing some weather he protect them prior to you know curling the hair.

So what I’m going to do is just split the hair into one and a half or one inch section and then clip the rest away. So it is easier I’m going to be curling away from the face and holding the curl for about um usually, I hold it for 15 seconds but you know it also depends on how hot your curler is, I usually set my cortex to the highest degree, I know a lot of people always ask, I believe it is for 20 and then, I just slowly release it into my palm and you get a really beautiful curl like this it is going to be a little looser after which is great because, I do not like the curls to be too tight and perfect I’m gonna pretty much be doing the exact same thing on the rest of my hair. So I’m gonna speed this up but you know the most important thing is clipping away the hair when you are curling it.

So it is easier for you to curl the hair kind of what I’m doing and also remember to you know brush the hair before you curling and then as after you have curled the hair just slowly release it into your palm because that kind of fixates the curl and gives it that one moment to set as opposed to just releasing it from the barrel and I’m going to show you one more time before we speed this up. So you hold it for 10-15 seconds and then you kind of slowly release it into your palm and then you let it go. So as you can see I’m done curling the hair the whole process took me about 20 minutes but the best part is if your hair is naturally curly or wavy you can skip this whole process and go right into the step that I’m going to go into now.

So once you have curled your hair or if you carrot hair is naturally curly you can kind of run your fingers through the hair and to make it more loose, I do not like the appearance of curls that are too tight and as I’m running my fingers through the hair it is becoming more natural looking. So you can see that on the left side. So you kind of like make them look more natural and soft and more beautiful, I love it.

So the next step for this look is to spray the hair with a hair spray and like, I mentioned before I’m going to be using evident mediums medium hold hairspray and you just want to generously spray the waves and you can lift sometimes when you lift and spray that creates even more volume all right whoa, I have. So much here I’m going to show you guys that’s crazy. So for the next step we are going to grab one of the little elastics, I do not know if you guys can see it it is one of the tiny ones and we are going to grab the top section of the hair cut it this much just a little bit and what we are going to do is make sure none of the wefts are showing if you are wearing extensions and you kind of fold the hair like that and then you tie it up and then you just want to fan it out a little bit and let the rest kind of hang just going to check it in the mirror.

So that’s pretty much it, I mean this is as easy as it can get um very beautiful little touch I’m going to show you guys again in the back and it took me like one second. So again like if you here is actually curly or wavy you can just do this without curling the hair and you will be done in like a second but if your hair is like mine it is kind of frizzy straight. So first, I had to blow dry it then curl it and then the last step is doing this little um you know little waterfall or whatever you want to call it which makes it look really fancy and really beautiful perfect for a date perfect really to work to it is a very casual look but very feminine and beautiful and girly, I hope you guys enjoyed this tutorial please do not forget to leave a comment down below and rate this post if you liked it and, I hope you have a wonderful day, I love you guys and I will see you in the next tutorial bye you.

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