Cute Summer Ponytails Hairstyles

Oh hello hello hello it feels super awkward and weird to be talking cuz, I just came back from a dentist and it still feels like this part of my face especially my lips are. So numb. So, I do not know if you can tell you probably can but it just feels very strange talking.

So, I won’t do a lot of talking I will just tell you that I will be showing you super cute and easy ponytail ideas. So let’s get started first, I want to show you how, I clip in my Luxus when, I do a ponytail because it is completely different way. So what, I do and by the way, I wear the ombre chestnut side now.

So what, I do is, I take the 3 clip weft and instead of clipping it down like, I normally would I’m gonna turn it around and I’m gonna clip upwards and I’m gonna do the same thing to the next work that goes above it. So I’m just gonna allow a bit of the hair over the 3 clip weft and then I’m going to clip in the 4 clip weft and I’m gonna do the same thing. So I’m going to clip it upwards with the clips up and the rest of the grafts will be clipped normally, I call this first hairstyle the giant wraparound.

So the first thing, I do is brush my hair backwards and then I’m gonna gather it all together and put it in a ponytail then I’m gonna grab a big chunk of the hair about 35% of the hair and then I’m gonna take it and wrap it all around the base of the ponytail now the really tricky part here is securing it with a lot of bobby pins.. So I have got a few here and I’m just gonna start doing it from the bottom first.

So kind of underneath this roll this wrap around roll. So I’m just going to insert one bobby pin from the bottom and then, I probably need a few more. So just a few more from the bottom and a few more from the top one thing that, I do here as well is sometimes I will go back with a comb and I will go to the end and I will just poof out the hair at the top of my head, I just feel like it looks nicer that way and that is it, I call this next ponytail the princess ponytail because it looks kind of fancy and it is actually really easy to create.

So the first thing we are gonna do is just brush the hair at the top again and I’m just brushing it backwards and then I’m gonna gather the hair in a ponytail and then what I’m gonna do is create an opening and just pull the ponytail through that opening and then I’m going to take another elastic and I’m going to create another ponytail right under that and then I’m going to do the exact same thing. So I’m going to split that section up here create a hole and then take my ends of the hair and pull it through the hole once. I have done that step I’m going to go back to this ponytail and I’m just going to loosen up some of these sections and as, I do that you can see it creates a really nice soft feminine ponytail now the last step of this ponytail is actually grabbing a small section from the ponytail and wrapping it around the base of the ponytail to hide the elastic and then just securing that with a bobby pin and to be and, I call this last one the flower ponytail because it’s.

So pretty and flowering it is a bit complicated. So I’m gonna break it down in two steps the first thing I’m gonna do is start sort of braiding the hair. So I’m going to take a section from the top and I’m going to start creating a regular three strand braid and I will just braid it twice and then I’m gonna grab a hair elastic and secure that with hair elastic next I’m gonna take the section below that and I’m just gonna put elastic over it.

So essentially I’m just putting it in a ponytail now the next thing I’m gonna do is from that first section I’m gonna grab my longest hair. So whatever, I can find that is longer the longer strands on my hair and then I’m gonna take a small section and I’m just gonna create a regular three strand braid all the way down once I’m done braiding I’m just gonna go back to the braid and slowly pull on sections of the braid to make it appear bigger and then I’m just gonna grab a hair elastic and just secure this braid in place now the next step I’m gonna be honest is a bit tricky especially if you are doing this on yourself. So if you can get help ask for help otherwise you are just gonna have to wing it maybe grab a second mirror and look in the mirror to see that you are doing this correctly but what I’m going to be doing here is just starting to roll this braid into a circle and as I’m rolling it I’m going closer to that first ponytail that we had initially and as you roll this this starts looking like a flower and then I’m just going to hold this with one hand and grab as many bobby pins as, I can with the other hand and start pinning this in place Oh and that ism guys it is finished and it looks.

So pretty and that is it for today my beauties thank you. So much for tuning in let me know which one out of the three of the ponytails is your favorite and when you recreate them make sure to post it on your Instagram hashtag lucky here thank you guys. So much for tuning in, I love you.

So much and I will see you next week bye you.

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