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Hey everyone Abbey here with day four of our back to school hairstyles now this one is fun it is a very large messy bun with our Dutch braid and, I will going to show you this with a little bit smaller but as well in case some of you guys do not want to have this kind of massive fun on your head but. I really like this it is cute it is fast it is easy it is great for back to school.

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If you have not checked out my previous posts my previous three posts for the series go check those out, and check back tomorrow for our next post well. I start by separating all the hair in front of your ears, and then secure the hair behind your ears out of the way. So that it does not interfere with our Dutch braid which is our first step. So basically what you are going to do is Dutch braid around your head keeping that braid really close to the part line. Because if you keep it really close to where we part of the hair then you won’t end up seeing that ugly scalp gap that you never really want to see if you need a more detailed tutorial on Dutch braids. I do have one and, I will link that in the down bar in case you need it then you can go ahead, and bobby pin into the base of that braid once you get to the end of it to hold it in place, and we are done with step one step two is to create the button go ahead, and put that ponytail wherever you want your bun. I wanted a nice high bun but you could also do this with a low bun, and it would be cute or you can just sit with the ponytail. I actually like the ponytail but now we are going to cut the toe off of a sock, and go ahead, and roll it down to create a little bun maker you can also buy these in the stores or on eBay but it looks about like a doughnut like that, and you are basically going to go ahead, and pull your hair through that, and this is our first option to create a giant bun you are basically going to take about inch sections of hair inch sections of hair, and then just kind of wrap them forward, and pin them against the head you might recognize this technique from a luxy hair tutorial. I learned this technique there. And I really do love it but in that one they were teasing. And I know you guys do not like teasing.

I went ahead, and added the sock and. So that you wouldn’t have to. So hopefully you like that but basically all you are going to do is take those little inch sections, and wrap around, and pin them into place, and make a little bun looking shape, and it is fun. Because you have a lot of control over it. So you can make it as big or as small as you want or as messy as you want, and that’s it you can see with our nice big statement e button there. So if you wanted to have a nice huge like Curly Chrisman style bun you could do that. And I think it is super duper cute or if you want us to do just a little bit smaller you could go dude kind of a traditional using air quotes here traditional sock bun where you go ahead, and pull it through to the end of your ponytail. And I like to wrap the end of my ponytail around the donut just. Because my hair. Because it’s. So long it does not do very well with the sock bun if. I do not wrap it around first. So I kind of wrap it around at the ends, and then you just go ahead, and roll down, and it makes into a little button now. I purposefully made this just a little bit messy but if you wanted to make that nice neat like circular cinnamon bun kind of sock bun you could do that as well with this, and then just pin some hair into place, and you have got your nice little bun. So either way depending on your personality or how quickly you are going that day you could do whichever one of these this could take literally five minutes. And I think it is a super duper cute hairstyle, and it is great for school especially if you are having like a sweat stay anyway here’s the others hairstyles in the post. I hope or in this series. I hope you guys like this post. And I will see you guys tomorrow with another tutorial.

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