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Some cute without trying second day hairstyles these are those kind of hairstyles that. I talked about in my favorites post that kind of look like they are falling apart but they don’t. I think you guys will really love them they are really easy, and quick to pull off, and they look cute. So we are going to go ahead, and start off with this braided down to first you are going to start at your front hairline, and make a Dutch braid going backward if you have bangs or friends you can choose to include them, and get them out of your face or leave them down, and do this a little further back for a more bohemian look make sure to do this a little bit looser. Because you definitely want it to look nice, and organic there are two things. I love about this style first of all it is a great way to get your hair kind of up, and out of your face, and second of all it to work on any hair link. So you can even do this if you have short hair braiding short layers can be difficult but it can be done.

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So just keep practicing. So once you have got all the hair that you want to have Dutch braided you can go ahead, and braid it normally, and then we are going to actually seal it by doing a little bit of teasing at the end that way you do not have to use a band or anything, and your hair just kind of looks like it is naturally falling out of the braid but the braid is not falling apart. So it is this cool little magic trick, and then if you want to you can twist your hair towards the side that has the braid on it, and do a little crisscross with your pins to hold that in place, and then you have your hair all the way over to one side. So all your hair is out of your face, and it is still down, and pretty, and it is not your typical half updo. So now for this loose spray this is actually the hair that. I was wearing in my most recent favorites posts that a lot of you guys requested, and it is basically just this loose braids you are going to start out on one side, and braid about halfway down your hair braiding only half way adds to the organic look of the hairstyle also make sure to braid very loosely. So that you do not have a very tight braid then all that you have to really think about is how you are going to seal it off what. I did in this post was to wrap a piece of hair around the end, and then crisscross bobby pins to hold that in place or you could use one of those little tiny jaw clips. Because you can nestle those into the hair, and they hide themselves, and they won’t move around throughout the day if you wanted to have that unfinished look like. I had in the favorites post just use a jaw clip, and do not wrap your hair on the base, and you will have that look, and now for the fishtail braid now you guys might remember this one from my spring tag post a lot of you guys requested this hairstyle.

I’ll just going to add a little bit more on to what. I talked about in the last post just. So, I will not repeating the same thing over again basically what you can do is to split your hair in half, and on the side that you do not want the braid on twist the hair, and crisscross it in place if you have shorter hair that can’t quite reach over to the side this is how you fight that you can go ahead, and twist, and pin that in place, and then it won’t be falling out throughout the day. So if your hair is a little shorter or you have layers you are welcome. So now you are going to complete a fishtail braid, and if you do not know how to do that. I will link a tutorial that. I have from a long time ago in the description box another thing that you have to keep in mind here is just to keep it a little bit looser that makes the fishtail just a little bit more current another thing that this hairstyle, and the one before it are great for is when you are running out of the house, and your hair is not all the way dry when, I will in a hurry.

I get my roots dry, and then. I go ahead, and braid them like this, and nobody ever knows that my hair will just dry in the style, and we will just stay messy, and it kind of works out now the way that. I sealed this one off is another way to kind of end your braid you put a little clear band around it loosen up the ponytail then take your little piece of hair, and wrap it around, and this time instead of trying the pin or use a jock clip you can actually tuck it into the hair bag which can be difficult but it is really helpful. Because then it just stays there all day long. So you just kind of like tuck it underneath it, and then it is stuck there, and it stays, and yeah. And I think even if your hair is shorter with this little fishtail braid. I still think is cute. So that’s it. I hope you guys found this helpful the curls that. I had in this post are from my previous Heels curls tutorial if you want to check that out and, I will be back on Monday with a prom tutorial for you guys. I hope you are excited as. I am, I will see you then bye.

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