Dad Teaches How to Create Pippi Longstocking Braids

Hey everybody, it is Shaun and Camry From Hairstyles, and today we are going to show you how to do Pippi Longstocking braids. It’s part of our Spooktorial series, and it is pretty scary. (laughter) Right? It’s pretty scary. But, it is been a long time since we have done one of these Daddy Dos , and I get to use my tools to do it. So, you could use this hairstyle for what? What other uses could you have? A Who from Whoville. A Who from Whoville. Or Wendy’s from Wendy from the Wendy’s commercials. So, a lot of uses or crazy hair day, so there’s a lot of uses for this, so let’s go ahead and do the tutorial. For the first thing that I’m going to do I have some crafting wire, gauge crafting wire, and depending upon the length of your hair, you may need up to seven feet. This is a seven feet length, so it was perfect for what we needed.

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I’m using black so that you can see it on the camera. Otherwise I would probably use silver. But what you do, is you take the seven feet of wire, and you bend it right in half, and where you bend it in half you will stick a screwdriver right through the middle, and then you will hold it on the end with some pliers, and then you just twist. Twist until the whole wire is twisted all the way to the end, and then you have your piece that you will be using into the hair. So, the first thing that we are going to do, turn you around so people can see you, is we are going to set this right about even, halfway through the hair if you can see that there, right there. I’m going to have Camry hold on this side of the head, over here. Then I’m going to gather her hair, and just do a simple, three-strand braid, cause that’s what Pippi Longstocking was known for was here three-strand braids that kinda stuck out, flipped up, whatever you want to call it. So, I’m going to divide it into three strands. Here’s one, two, three So, a middle and then two sides, and then while holding that, I’m going to bring this front strand over, see how I’m bringing it over to hide as much of that wire as possible, and then I’m just going to braid the rest of the hair as tight as I can. I’m not a very good braider, you will soon see.

I’m going to keep it, not super tight, but tight enough that you are not going to be able to see the wire throughout. When you get to this point, you will just grab a rubber band, and actually, before I do that, I’m going to just trim off this excess wire on this side. Be careful not to get any of the hair in. With little floral wire cutters, I’m just gonna snip that off. Then, grab the elastic band, and secure the braid. (laughter) Ok, when you have that one secure, we are going to come do it on the other side. Exact same thing, we are gonna divide it in three, once again, I’m going to bring this hair over to try to hide as much of that middle strand with the wire as possible. So the braids are sitting down, and Pippi Longstocking’s signature is that her braids kinda bend up and out, and all over the place a little bit. We’re going to exaggerate that a little bit. Are you doing the other side? Ok, actually, you know what you look like? You look like Wendy from the Wendy’s commercials too. See? (laughter) She looks like Wendy from the Wendy’s commercials. But anyway, this is Pippi Longstocking. You can bend them out a little bit, and again, you are going to see a little bit of this cause it is black, but at least for the hairstyle and like costume, this gives you the look that you are looking for. Ok, here we have the final spin, Pippi Longstocking. Look, Daddy Do, beautiful braids, look you have got the curve just like Pippi Longstocking, all the way around, and you are done. Bye! Be sure to check out our latest two posts that you can find here, and show us some love by clicking on the comment button.

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