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Hello you guys are getting ready with me today we are doing is sort of like a date night type of thing and, I wanted to do my makeup hair and outfit and what are we doing today, I have no idea what we are doing today honestly, I think we are just gonna go out to maybe to Tampa. But you guys like the last get ready with me, I didn’t really call it, I get ready it was more of like the makeup hairstyle and out for the wedding as a wedding guest.

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So, I figured I’d do something for a date night, I just applied some leave and hair conditioner by sinking sinners love this stuff, I talk about all the time and today, I washed my hair with a cleansing shampoo it is by brioche EO it is there a charcoal when, I believe mint charcoal is. So good and then, I used their deep conditioning mask the do not despair one will love that stuff I’m gonna quickly do my makeup I’m gonna keep it very very light. If you guys have noticed I have been trying to put some different content on my blog just. Because you know here at Styles, I feel that you can’t really grow too much with hair styles in a way and I have always been into fashion and sometimes, I want to share with you guys is it really worth buy an expensive stuff or it can actually find something for a reasonable price. So, I think these kind of posts the cheap versus expensive are really great entertaining at the same time and educational, I mean, I get really informed. So I’m just quickly applying some what is this love this stuff this is the BB cream by herb or Ian it honestly has decent coverage, I mean it looks really good couldn’t just evens out the entire skin alright next is eyebrows I have been using a one product kind of like a one and done for my eyebrows recently I have been liking a very natural and bushy this is the gimme brow love this it is very simple to use, I have brows like brow hairs is just they are very sparse kind of like down instead of going up. So this really helps my brows look voluminous and just very natural with all having to fill them in excessively just look at the difference obviously I’m gonna clean them up.

But such a huge difference eyebrows are done let’s move on to the eyes, I like to give my eye shadow very basic these last couple of months, I do not know I have been, I go through phases sometimes, I like a lot of eye shadow thick eyeliner false lashes and then the next couple months. I’m so over it and, I like very simple eye makeup obviously no surprise my tartlet in blue I’m just. So very quickly and gently setting the concealer on my eyes I’m just using the same brush to darker shades just quickly do find my eyes and, I just kind of like to blow it out or smoke it out. So it is not perfectly imprecise let’s apply a little bit of concealer heart-shape no surprise there, I just can’t stop using this stuff and then I will take the same brush and I will spray it with some setting spray this is actually my Bella Jade, I got it from Emma’s, I had a really great reviews and, I liked it nice I’m just kind of stipple it in I’m gonna quickly sum it under eye area with it cosmetics bye bye under-eye, I just like to Pat it in and then just very gently just swipe the access away I’m gonna quickly finish off the eyes he’s gonna smoke it out in just a little bit just to make them somewhat to even and I’m gonna quickly highlight my eyes, I like the inner corner let’s finish the eyes with some mascara this is by L’Oreal their voluminous Lashkar dice and, I’m using their waterproof formula. So, I got some mascara on my eyelids, I just take a cotton swab and, I just kind of rub it in just like that quick fix I’m gonna apply some bronzer and then probably just apply some blush and a little bit of highlight in top of my cheeks Noah, I think I’m gonna skip the highlight on the cheeks and just keep it highlighted in the center of the face instead of the cheeks and kind of dig in the Matt look all right I’m gonna set my face using the same setting spring let’s do the lips all right. So I’m gonna be using the YSL that seems like a really pretty color this is number 16 these are their new lipstick matte lip stains and oh my goodness they are incredible they’re. So good all right, I put the lip on look how pretty it is, I love the applicator, I love the finish it is incredible alright.

So I’m quickly gonna do my hair I’m apply some heat protectant vibe ryoshu again one of my favorites, I booked to talk about them all the time. So, I blow-dry my hair and then I’m gonna do my hair I’m probably gonna do like a Dutch full hop very simple and then do some really pretty simple waves alright. So quickly hair style I’m gonna apply a little bit of texture spray or dry shampoo to this portion right here where I’m actually going to braid just. Because, I just wash my hair is. So super silky and fresh, I need a little bit of texture in it somebody’s gonna take a little section of hair what’s good enough and then just divide it into three sections alright. So under here hold it under and then start adding here to that little middle section grab some hair and all right let’s continue doing this that’s why, I like doing these types of hairstyles they’re. So easy.

But they are really edgy it looks like you actually put in some effort into your hairstyle. If it is messy hey roll with it I’m gonna roll with it it is messy all right somebody’s gonna braid it off a little bit more just to finish it off to the crown just like that and I’m gonna tie it with some hair that’s not part of the braid around my crown just to make sure the braid is nice and sitting low to my head let’s just grab a little hair from the back like. So and just tie it all together all right. So now I’m gonna just very gently take some of this braid out let’s call the hair I have shown this to guys multiple times already. But. If you are new to my blog this is how, I curl my hair with a straightener very simple go a section of hair take your straightener it with the opposite hand clamp it down very lightly and start rotating it down this the way kind of drag it down very gently down your hair and then, I like to go back over and just kind of sure it in one to two inches down that’s it and then, I just like to alternate the curls going opposite directions there we go perfect and I’m gonna finish curling my hair I’m gonna spray a little bit more texture spray or dry shampoo to the rest of my hair to like the middle to the ends just to kind of give it a little bit more of a PC err look all right hairstyle is all done alright quick outfit of the day keeping it somewhat casual. So, I have these little sandals by coach, I believe and then a cute little skirt and then this really cute top or I’m gonna have on just show you guys a better look of it let’s go we are gonna go try to take some nicer shots by the water let’s eat shots that be seen oh wow your hair looks good are you guys.

So we are headed to dinner and, I think this is where I’m gonna end the post just. Because you know it is a date night want to keep it a little bit private, and it is just gonna be the two of us for tonight and the camera is acting up, I think it is the battery I have been charging it for a couple of hours, and it is still saying the battery is dead, I need to buy more batteries Sony you are letting me down with your batteries, I’m excited to get dinner, I’m very hungry and thank you for reading this post you guys seem to really like these types of get ready with me where we are actually gonna go out and do stuff thank you for reading and I will see you in the next one.

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