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Did you ever hear of the same forgiving is receiving well today’s post is going to be all about that forgiving makeup that’s right Hey friends, Welcome back my name is mallanna and today’s post is going to be all about forgiving makeup day to night makeup looks like, I said these makeup looks are super easy they are very forgiving and the best part is you do not have to spend too much time fussing over your makeup. Because obviously we want to spend the time with our family and friends especially during the holiday season. So I’m bringing you guys two looks with different lip options for you guys to choose from let’s begin step one for a long-lasting makeup I’m going to apply some primer this is by Too Faced this is their hangover primer, and it is great. Because it makes my makeup last all day long it makes it look very beautiful flawless and it keeps my face nicely hydrated throughout the day for the foundation you want to go for something that is long-lasting. Because throughout the day you do not want to be touching up your makeup too much. So for the foundation, I chose the L’Oreal infallible Pro matte and it is a very long lasting foundation and I’m using the shades 102 and 103 mix together I’m just taking my black beauty sponge, I love this one is Aesthetica, I purchased it off of Amazon, and it is vegan, and it is just, I actually prefer this over my regular Beauty Blender, I have a black version as well and, I like this one a lot better it’s, I do not know it is softer. But it is dense at the same time and this foundation is a little bit thicker.

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So, I like to apply it using a beauty sponge for concealer I’m using the Tarte shape tape concealer, I know it is been such a huge rage and it is amazing it does live up to its hype, and it is very long lasting does not increase it is not smudge it is amazing this concealer is bomb this. So bomb to set my concealer I’m going to take the it cosmetics bye bye pores micro powder and translucent and just let mama cope or concealer, I do not know I have never really been into baking what about you guys it is not look good on my skin, I feel like it really ages it, I think I’m the only one that feels that way just mostly good, I want to eat it Mallick chocolate. So I’m taking the 27 mac brush and I’m gonna take this shade flower child it is kind of like this skin tone shade my skin tone shade it is very light and, I did apply some concealer to my eyelids just to cancel out any redness or any veins I’m just gonna set it with this eye shadow you know what I’m actually gonna do my eyebrows first and I’m using eyebrow pomade and this is just to help the eyeshadow got the eye shadow the eyebrow pencil kind of cling onto my brows and I will be using it cosmetics brow power in the shade Universal taupe and this pencil it kind of just adjusts to your hair color and it just matches with anybody’s brows it is amazing to make my brows a little bit more hairy I have talked about this product it is by Milani they are tinted brow gel and it has like these really really tiny fibers within the gel and it just gives my brows like this natural hair look which I’m always going to pour know, I feel like gives you a more youthful look to my eyes going back to the eye shadow and I’m using the Mac 2 to 4 blending brush. So I’m taking sweetheart and smartypants and I’m gonna run it right along the crease and slightly above it. So I’m taking that right in the outer corner majority of the shade or both of the shades I’m doing like very very small circular motions and to make my eyes appear a little bit bigger and wider since they are a little bit closed set, I like to bring the eyeshadow just a little bit outwards towards the end of my eyebrow just to make sure it kind of elongate the eyes and then opens them up at the same time next I’m going to take jetsetter onto 1-7 Mac a brush it is a smaller blending brush a little bit more precise. So I’m going to take that right in the crease. But trying to keep it in the crease not going above it for the eyeliner I’m going to use the NYX dark brown pencil and this one lasts all day long and I’m just going to very lightly gently line my top eyeliner my eyeliner my top eyelash and.

But I’m not going to flick it out too much just. Because, I wanted to be a little bit more subtle for the daytime you do not have to be too perfect with. Because we are going to smudge it out take a tiny blending or smudge brush this is byte art and I’m going to pick up rocker it is this beautiful metallic it is kind of this gray brown shade just pick it up a little bit I’m going to smudge out the eyeliner to smoke out the lower lash line just a little bit since the top is smoky that eyeliner is smoked out we are going to take smartypants sweetheart and a little bit of jet setter just kind of make a concoction for your lower lash line jetsedder smartypants sweetheart all the names are. So interesting tart tart came up with it and i’m using the morphe 36 blending or smudge brush, I love this one for the lower lash line is. So soft and it blends like a dream for the mascara I’m taking a L’Oreal voluminous feed line mascara and, I love that the wand is green. So pretty and this is why, I love this mascara one coat and it looks like I’m wearing falsies on my eyelashes gives me volume and length love this best thing is it is inexpensive do not forget your lower lash line for the inner corner highlight I’m going to do something different and I’m going to take the color tattoo by Maybelline in the shade gilded rose and I’m going to take some of this on the back of my hand this color is. So pretty and I’m going to take my inner corner where’s my pencil here it is by Sigma the inner corner e46 love this brush it is amazing for inner corner highlight.

So I’m going to just take a little bit of guys. Because it is super pigmented and just apply it right in the inner corner for the blush I’m taking this beautiful NYX baked blush in the shade chiffon and this is just a gorgeous all-day neutral blush that just goes with everything that, I do and, I love it just gives a beautiful flush of color to my cheeks and I’m using the Sonia Kashuk number 29 blush brush love this love this for the bronzer I’m taking the hourglass luminous bronze light and this bronzer is amazing a lot of it especially for the wintertime when, I face me thumb thumb and this is the Sonia Kashuk oh it rubbed off on me. But I will have a link down below, I do not know the number. But this is just, I think either blush or bronzer something like that and this bronzer lasts all day long for the cheek highlight I’m going to keep it slightly subtle and I’m taking the new Milani spotlight in the shade 0-2 candlelight may use my Anastasia Beverly Hills 823 face brush I’m going to take this shade right here just beautiful kind of like this is beautiful like champagne highlight look how natural it looks. So pretty. So to finish up this look we are going to move on to the lips and I’m going to give you two options since, I know a lot of people they do not like to wear really bold colors that will kind of smear all over the place especially when you are eating and you do not want to touch up too much during the day. But I love a bold lip during the day that’s just what, I like.

But I’m going to give you two options and these are really great. Because they last a very long time. Because they have this like top coat and this is by Rimmel and the first thing I’m going to show you is the provocative sixteen-hour and this is a shade where are you seven-thirty make your move that’s the shade this is just a beautiful nude has like a brown undertone to it it is just. So nice just set my makeup I’m going to use the Milani make it last 16 hour setting spray mmm I’m smells. So good too. So the second option is this beautiful red in the shade 500 kiss me you fool the same pravakar like this by Rimmel and this just gorgeous color, I love a good red mm-hm and here’s the second option for the lip a bright red color it is very festive and it looks really nice especially when you have your eyes a little bit more subtle and these lip colors they last all day long they are very inexpensive they have a great range of colors. So if you are in a lookout for a new lipstick that is a very long wear lasting, and it is actually comfortable on your lips check these out they are amazing really amazing look at that do you see you red, I don’t.

So the daytime look is obviously a lot more simpler a little bit more natural and snot bold. But when the night time comes, I like to pull out all the stops not all of them. But a lot of them. So I’m going to bring out my falsies I’m going to do for the Islander a little bit of a flick and smoke it out even more and my lips make them even more bold, I know even more bold than this. So the first thing I’m going to do is go back to the same eyeliner the brown NYX eye liner and we are going to create a flick to the eyes just look at the subtle difference that it makes already just makes your eyes a little bit more sexy and bold since the eye shadow is already smoked out from the previous look I’m going to take a little bit more of the rocker eyeshadow this is the metallic shade back in the Tarte eyeliner pencil and I’m going to smoke it out just a little bit more once you are done with your eyeliner you can actually skip the falsies maybe just add one more mascara. If you are not really into false false lashes. But I’m and I’m using the aisle or Lux eyelashes the name of the eyelashes is gilded these are really dramatic.

But they are super fluffy they are just gorgeous. So like, I mentioned I’m going to add a little bit more bronzer to my cheeks just to define them a little bit more and I’m taking the same bronzer by hourglass and the same brush by Sonia Kashuk now of course we can’t forget to highlight and there we have it for the nighttime look it is a lot more dramatic and bold and definitely a lot more fun in my opinion you can keep the same red lip or the nude lip that you have throughout the day or you can go even more bold like, I will show you right now I’m gonna take this Milani amore matte lip cream and the shade magnificent 42 Oh such a pretty color we just took a moment and appreciate how beautiful this lip color is. So gorgeous just for fun I’m actually going to place the red on top, I actually like this better, I think it is pretty it is very pretty. So there you have it my day to nighttime makeup look they are very forgiving and they are very fast and simple and, I think my favorite look or what I’m going to wear for Christmas myself is going to be the very simple look maybe not as dramatic eyelashes, I have another pair that I’m not I’m going to wear. But I think these eyelash I’m going to wear for like New Year’s something a little bit more dramatic the lip I’m probably going to wear the red lip throughout the day. Because, I just love a good red lip and maybe put this right on top the darker red just to give a more dramatic bold punch towards evening let me know which look was your favorite and what you are actually going to wear yourself for makeup on Christmas or New Year’s whatever your holiday you are celebrating. But for now thank you so much for reading this post thumbs it up.

If you enjoyed it subscribe. If you have not already my name is mulatto and welcome to my blog Malibu. But for now, I will see you guys in the next post, I love you all very much bye.

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