Day-to-Night Travel Hairstyle Lets Visit Santorini

Hey guys if there a nurse here and welcome back to the luckier blog, I have a travel and lifestyle r and, I’m here today on the e hair blog to show you a date tonight buildable braided hair style and right now, I’m in two amazingly beautiful Santorini green. So, I cannot wait to take you all outside with me and show you the beautiful views because it is.

So amazing and, I definitely want to have my hair Instagram picture perfect ready to go. So let’s get straight into the date time hair cell first step is to create a small Topsy tail. So I’m taking two small sections of my hair from the top of my head and securing them with a clear elastic, I’m taking that pony tail and flipping it underneath now I’m clipping that out of the way and creating another small ponytail lined up directly underneath the one, I just made.

Day-to-Night Travel Hairstyle Lets Visit Santorini Photo Gallery

So, I want those two elastics to line up with each other then, I release the top ponytail and I’m going to separate that top piece into two and lay it right over the second ponytail and then lift the second ponytail and clip it to the top of my head to get it out of the way now I’m taking this section and securing it together again with an elastic now I’m releasing the top once again I’m going to pull on the newly created loop to add some volume separate the top ponytail lay it over the bottom one and clip the bottom one up and once again taking the two pieces and putting them together with the clear elastic releasing that top section once again and pulling on the next created loop now I’m going to transition into a three strand braid. So I’m going to take all of the hair from both the ponytails separate it into three sections and just start braiding. So I’m taking outside underneath the middle outside underneath the middle all the way down if it is easier you can take it to the front as well and my hair was already a bit wavy but, I just wanted to add a few extra waves but nothing too structured just some loose beachy waves and, I’m clipping in if you west of my lucky hair extensions mine are custom colored but, I have the 160 grams set.

So I’m just clipping in some of the smaller webs to add volume where, I would like it but of course this is optional but, I think in a partial Pony it helps to add a bit of the hair extensions to the bottom. So that is it for the daytime hairstyle and, I’m back, I had an amazing day walking around the streets the fans free me even went to the pool for a little bit and my hair held up super well. So, I changed into something a little bit more formal and, I want to make my hair a little bit more dressy as well.

So we are going to add a few more braids to this hairstyle let’s just get right into it first thing I’m doing is taking a small section of my hair from the front of my head and crossing it over the braid. So I’m doing a crisscross to kind of create a ponytail with my hair but then, I need to secure those two strands together underneath and tuck it right under there to hide it and I’m going to add in some volume back where it has gone a little bit flat next I’m going to do a small delicate fishtail braid that I’m going to pull through and stack on top of the 3 strand braid it is just a basic fishtail where you have two sections and you take a small piece from one side cross it over and integrate it in to the other side pulling apart to add volume and just give it a more messy look and here I’m taking that fishtail from underneath and putting it through my hair and that three strand braid. So, I just pull it straight through the bottom and, I added in a moon hair accessory clip to complete this nighttime look thank you all.

So much for reading if you do recreate any of these hairstyles host your picture on Instagram and you hashtag lucky airs we can find your lovely hairstyles do not forget to comment to the luxy hair blog and you could check out mine as well if you are interested and, I will see you all very soon bye .

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