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One morning, very early, my best friend called me and asked if I can come and visit her in Brooklyn and I agreed. I was very excited to see her again and decided to drive up. I mean, it would only be a 2-hour drive and I would have all the beautiful scenery to take in.

However, as I driving along, a dog suddenly jumped onto the road in front of me and I swerved to miss it but the road was slippery and my car veered off the road. I suddenly hit a tree and my head bounced off the steering wheel. I called my friend and she contacted the towing service and came to pick me up.

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As I stood alongside the road I suddenly had a horrible toothache. The toothache was so bad that I thought I was going to die.

When she arrived, I told her about this horrible toothache. I asked her if there is any dentist nearby that I can go and see. First, she insisted on taking me to the hospital but I felt fine, I just need to find out why my tooth is aching so much. So she agreed. I was actually not far out of Brooklyn, so, she took me to her dentist.

When we arrived at the dentist, he took a look at what was going on inside my mouth and said that I have some tooth decay and a loose tooth now from hitting the steering wheel. I asked him what needs to be done and he suggested a procedure which he felt would work best. He was going to remove the loose tooth as it was damaged and also the decay.

Once this is done, he would fit a new tooth called a dental implant and my smile will be whole again.
He told me that they only use the best quality medical equipment for dental implants. Furthermore, they only use top rated medical titanium alloy or titanium for their dental implants. It also gets used for orthopedic joint replacements and other bone implants which I found to be quite interesting.

I could also choose between mini dental implants and regular implants.

I asked him to explain the procedure to me before we continued. He said that the implant post replaces the natural tooth root and that is why it is considered the best way of replacing a tooth or even teeth.

The procedure has three steps:

Step 1: Implant post: This is inserted into the jawbone and is made out of titanium.

Step 2: Abutment: It is attached to the implant post and is the connecting section securing the crown to the post.

Step 3: Crown: This is the last step of the implant. The crown has the same appearance as a normal tooth has and if either fitted with cement to the abutment or screwed on.

Another question I asked is how this procedure is done and he told me that he will first have to take some time to plan the implant surgery.

A successful surgery involves: Assessing the bone in my jaw through x-rays and CT scans, my medical history will have to be taken into consideration to see if I’m suitable for dental implants. One implant can take up to 30 minutes.

The next stage is called osseointegration, which means that I will have to heal. For conventional implants, it can take between 3 to 6 months. This stage is so that my dentist can make sure that the implant is strongly rooted in my jaw. My dentist will be able to attach the abutment, as soon as this stage is completed.

The last step is to make copies of the abutment so that my crown can be fabricated.

He also informed me that the cost of the implant will depend on the type of tooth or crown that is used for the restoration.

Now I needed to decide if I was going to have it done here and visit longer or go see a dentist when I go back home. Time was important as he could not remove my damaged tooth if not placing the implant as the other teeth will move into its place and all be skew. I had to wait to get my car fixed in any case as well, so I called my boss and explained to him what had happened and took my leave.

That same day I had my damaged tooth removed and the first step of the dental implant was done. I stayed at my friend’s house until the entire process was done and then went back home.

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