Diagonal French Loop Braid Braided Hairstyles

Hey Guys! I’m Abby from LA, and today I’m here with Brooklyn, and we are going to show you how to do a French Loop Braid! So this braid is really cool, it kind of has these loops that pop out, and it is really different and unique, which I know you are going to LOVE! And we have started with her hair wet, you can do it dry and just use some, um, dry wax or pomade to keep the strands really pulled together, but you can also do it wet, which I prefer. And, we are going to do kind of a diagonal braid, going across the back of her head, So, I’m going to pick up a section right here near the temple, and divide it into three pieces, and begin a normal French Braid stitch. Those were not quite even, so let’s try that again.

Diagonal French Loop Braid Braided Hairstyles Photo Gallery

After you do your first normal stitch, you are gonna come to this outside edge, and you are going to separate of a little tiny piece of hair, I’m going to hand it to Brooklyn to hold. And then I’m going to reach underneath, and add hair back in, Like you would a normal French Braid. Cross it over. Now to the top section, again, we are going to pull off some hair, Let me see how much I want here. I’m going to hand it to Brooklyn to hold for us. And then I’m going to go ahead and add in some hair, to the braid. Now, again, on this bottom section, I’m going to hand it to Brooklyn, but this time I’mg going to reach underneath, grab this bottom piece, bring it back in and add it in, and then add hair in, like you would the normal braid, Go ahead and cross it over. Again on the top, section off a slice, hand it to Brooklyn to hold Reach underneath, grab that first initial piece, add it in and then add in a little bit more hair to continue the French Braid. Now, as you go along, We’re going to do one more, before I pull those.

So we are going to do one more section, reach underneath And, on the top, Section off a piece, switch them, add it in and then go ahead and add in some regular hair to the braid. Now, before you get much further, you can see your pieces right here looping, we just want to go back and pull that first loop loose, It’s just going to help loosen that up. Because if you get too far down on the braid, then its harder to do it. So we are now going to go back and do another section, Once you get down to the end, where you have no more hair to pick up, you are just going to continue to separate off sections, and switch them. But you just won’t add any hair in. You’ll just go ahead and cross it over, like a normal braid. So, separate off a section And, switch it.

When you get to the end, you can just add those two pieces in And then finish it off, with an elastic. Go back and loosen the rest of the strands up. And, there you go! This nice fun braid! Let’s do the final spin! on the French Loop Braid! It’s really fun! All the little loops along the way! And. there you have it! Now, if you guys have not seen our Bonus post that we put up on Wednesday, We did, in fact, do a fun Miner-inspired hairstyles It’s really awesome! For Disney! And you can check it out in the description box below, or up here, either one! And, I’m sure you guys will love those ones, too! They are great for beanie wearing! And, we will see you guys next week! Bye guys! Bye! Click here to comment! Click to watch our Lace-Rolled Updo hairstyle tutorial! Thank you, from LA! yeah yeah Yo, yo, heigh to the yuh. oh, what? Click here to view the entire Disney Bonus post!.

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