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You’d think it couldn’t get much bigger or better than dating Bradley Cooper and modelling for Burberry. But for Brit starlet Suki Waterhouse, who’s just turned 24, 2016 looks set to be even more spectacular. For starters, since splitting from Brad, she’s been linked to perhaps the world’s most eligible bachelor Prince Harry! Suki partied with the prince at a vodka bash in London, and fellow guests say the pair looked very cosy indeed. hey gave each other a big hug when they saw each other and Harry seemed completely interested in what she had to say, dished a guest. Everyone was talking about how Suki and Harry seemed particularly close.

In addition to her high-end modelling gigs, Suki’s movie career is also set to go stellar. She’s got three ilms ready to drop, including the upcoming Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. I’m playing Kitty [Bennet], explains Suki. I’m sort of the dark, kind of ugly one you feel a bit sorry for. I’m very quiet. Clearly nothing like her real-life persona then! But the star is not just stopping at modelling and ilm work. Fashion design is deinitely something I want to get into, she admits. I m singing [too] and I will deinitely put something out. Is there anything this cool gal who counts Cara Delevingne and Harry Styles among her besties can’t do? Here, Suki dishes on her charmed life while admitting that, at heart, she’s really just a cavewoman You’ve got three films coming out this year. What do you love about acting?

It’s incredible. It’s given me this feeling. It kind of ills my heart.

Are you moving away from modelling?

No. I’m forever grateful for everything that modelling has given me. But modelling can be brutal. It’s really hard being told, You’re too fat. I remember the irst time, I was almost crying. he good thing is that it didn’t actually make me do anything about it.

So you are spreading your wings?

I think with modelling and acting these days the line is blurred.

Everyone can do all sorts of things, so why do just one? Is your schedule crazy?

Towards the end of last year I was going to Brazil for eight hours, going to Korea for a night, then going to New York. You’re running on adrenaline because you have to.

How would you describe your style?

My style goes through phases when I’m in London it changes, as I have all my stuf around me, and when I’m travelling I end up buying stuf depending on what country I’m in. I love a load of diferent looks, ranging from cavewoman to60s glamorous, to Catwoman.

What’s the cavewomanlook?

It’s like a shawl and khaki trousers nothing being tight on me. Because I do lots of shoots, sometimes you can be really uncomfortable, and in my own time now I do not want to be constricted I just want to be really comfy.

Do you work out?

I do, I really enjoy it. I need to I’m obsessed! I do Vinyasa yoga and I will work out with a trainer doing drills and running. I love the idea of running up hills and rolling around in mud.

What’s downtime like for you?

I paint I’m not a great painter but I do it. I also do meditation I have a woman who helps me do it on the phone. She guides me through a meditation from America, so I will call her before I go to bed but I often fall asleep and she has to hang up.

You play quite the badass in Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. Can you look ater yourself in real life?

I’m quite strong. I studied karate growing up I’m a brown belt and me and my sister used to beat the crap out of each other! What were you like growing up? I was an extrovert who was quite evil to the nannies. One of them locked herself in her room for a day and half. My sister and I had to write letters saying sorry and shove them under her door. hen when I was about 15 or 16, I always used to nick my mum’s debit card and the irst thing I ever bought were these thigh-high, white leather cowboy boots. My mum went mental.

What’s your mantra going forward?

Life is nothing but a bunch of experiences. here’s no such thing as success or failure. I just want to work hard, do stuf of the best possible quality and be a good friend.Joshua Jackson and Diane Kruger Photo | Sundance Film Festival … Ltf

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