Dianna Agron Golden Globes 2018 Inspired Hair

Hey guys I will be recreating a hairstyle which was requested by quite a few of our viewers worn by Dianna Agron it is the actress from the Glee to the Golden Globes 2011 red carpet. So this is the look right here and if you want to know how to recreate it stay tuned I will show you exactly what you need to do.

So the tools we will need to recreate this look is a paddle brush we are gonna need a clip to hold the hair we are gonna need some bobby pins will need these clips to hold the curls when we curl them of course we are gonna need a curling iron this is hot tools one and a half inch curling iron and Shop the look I’m gonna use these embellished hair accessories hair clips. So the first tip like always is to brush through the hair to ensure there is no tangles. So next we you want to curl the hair using your curling to take your large section you want to just brush it through one more time there’s different techniques of curling hair that has a clip.

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So the way, I do it is, I usually when I’m wearing the extensions is, I just clip in the end and, I just roll it up just like this and we are curling the hair to about midway you do not want to go all the way up and then you want to hold it up for eight to ten seconds and once the curl is done you want to use these clips and clip those in I’m gonna show you in a second. So once the curl is ready to be released you kind of put it up into your palm and you are gonna hold the curl in place like. So and you want to grab these little clips that, I showed you earlier and you are gonna need two of them from two sides and you are just going to clip it in like this.

So I’m clipping it in from both sides and it is gonna just stay and set like this. So now you want to go all the way around the head doing the same technique and I will be back once all the hair is curled. So once you are done curling the hair the curls had enough time to settle.

So now you want to take off take out all of these clips and release the curls. So the next thing you want to do is create a parting in your hair. So for me it is going to be from about the middle of my right eyebrow and I’m just going to use my fingers and just separate the hair to the side.

So once you have created your party the next thing you want to do is put up the side if you are using extensions for this step it might be a little bit tricky because you are gonna have you know the weft on this side. So you want to just be careful when you are lifting the hair out that you know none of the wax are showing. So what you are doing is just kind of sweeping the hair upwards.

So once you are happy with the positioning you are gonna grab your bobby pins and start to just pin this in place and you want to just try and make sure that the bobby pins are not showing if they are, I mean, I personally do not mind but if you do not want to you just want to be really careful with where you are placing them and checking in the mirror to make sure that they are not showing. So once the hair is secured you are gonna grab your little clip and just attach that on to the hair. So once you attach the hair accessory on one side you are ready for the next side and you are basically repeating exactly the same thing.

So I’m gonna pick up the section from the ear and just kind of sweep it upwards again you want to make sure that if you are wearing extensions like me that none of your weft are showing there on the sides. So you are just sweeping the hair up like this you want to just position it making sure that it is on the same level as the other side. So you know the style will be balanced on both sides and once you are happy with the positioning you are gonna grab your bobby pins and just secure that in place.

So once your hair is in place you want to grab the clip and just finish off the look by placing the hair accessory in this spot right here. So once you have attached the hair accessories on both sides the look is done. So, I hope you guys enjoyed this tutorial although it is simple it is very elegant and very beautiful and can be a little tricky when wearing with clip in here.

So, I hope this post was helpful and you give this look a try thank you. So much for reading and I will see in the next post bye.

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