Diet Desserts

Just because you’re on a diet doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy dessert…Very low carb, sugar free dessert that is. The following recipes will make staying on your diet just a little easier.

Keto Chocolate Pudding (Dairy based)


• 6 ounces of cream cheese

• 5 ounces of whipping cream

• 2-4 drops of liquid stevia, to taste

• 1-2 tbsp. cocoa powder, to taste

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1. Mix all ingredients until a pudding consistency has been achieved.

2. Grab a bowl and enjoy!

Serves 2 people.

Keto Almond Chia Pudding


• 3 heaping Tablespoons chia seeds

• 1 cup unsweetened almond milk

• A few drops stevia

• A spoonful of almond butter


1. Put the chia seeds into a bowl.

2. Add the almond milk and stir.

3. When a pudding consistency has been achieved add the stevia drops and stir well.

4. Top with a bit of almond butter.

Diet Desserts

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