Different Style Jeans On My Petite Frame

I was So excited for today’s post. Because I’m going to be trying on different style jeans on my short petite frame, I’m five three and, I have very short legs. So, I have to stick with jeans that make my body look good that flatter me that make my legs look longer instead of shorter.

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So, I usually stick with skinny jeans or sometimes even boyfriend jeans. So today I’m going to step out of my comfort zone a little bit, I bought some white jeans flare jeans boot-cut jeans mom jeans we will try the ball and see what looks good and what does not hopefully something looks good, I bought most of my jeans online. So, I didn’t get to try them on. But hopefully some of them fit hopefully all of them. So the first pair, I want to try on they are wide like jeans. So pretty much the wide leg starts from the top all the way down to the bottom I have never actually tried a pair of these kind of jeans on. So I’m very excited and kind of nervous to see how they look at my body they look really wide I’m kind of nervous to get into them.

So this is by the brand Veronica beard and this is the Allie 11 gaucho jeans. So basically it is fitted at the top with high rise jeans and they are cropped. Because I’m short then they have a wide like silhouette these jeans are made out of 98% cotton and 2% polyurethane and, I paid 250 dollars for these jeans is it weird that I’m not really mad at these jeans I’m kind of diggin them this is opening up my eyes just a little bit’s Audrey does not like them yeah he does not like them it is okay it is okay, I do not love them, I just think maybe, I should expand my interest in jeans. But the look of these jeans they are a little bit too big they didn’t have my size. So, I could go up one size even though they still fit. But they are very loose and just do not do anything for my body in a way they are very high waisted which, I love they are very comfortable they are very soft they do not have that much stretch to them but. Because they are super wide you are gonna really need stretch you kind of just grow as it with you, I love the bottom, I love the raw ham, I think it is really nice and on me on my leg it hits right around the ankle area with heel.

So if you are my size and you are thinking of looking into why jeans this is what cropped jeans look like on me what do you guys think do we love them or hate them all right let’s move on to the next jeans and the next ones are flare jeans. So they are kind of tighter around the hips and the quads or my thighs and then they kind of flare out towards the bottom. So the flare jeans are by Topshop and this is their style dree and, I got cropped kick flare jeans in black and, I paid 75 u.s. dollars and they look very cropped. So I’m kind of worried about that and these jeans are made out of 99% cotton and 1% elastane alright I’m living my worst nightmare cropped jeans way too cropped for my shirt likes, I do not think I’d live to see the day yeah you are trying to make something work. But it is not working and this is not working for me or my legs the jeans are cool, I mean maybe.

If you are like super super long legs and they are like capris on you. But these are ready like a pries on me all right let’s move on to the next pair next genes are going to be bootcut and, I also do not really gear towards bootcut just. Because, I think they are not as flattering on me. But these moms looked really cool and very edgy and modern these are kind of like a really raw hem bootcut and they are white. So, I thought it’d give him a try this is by the brand mother and, I paid 198 US dollars and this is their insider crop stuff for a bootcut and they are very soft these are made out of 96% cotton 2% polyester and 2% polyurethane. So what do we think of this white bootcut pair honestly, I love the way it fits on the bottom, I love the raw hem, I like that that’s kind of like a step hem. So you have the shorter in the front and then longer in the back, I think it is really stunning this cropped fit is really nice and flattering on my short legs, I do, I think they look really nice.

But almost $200, I do not want my white jeans to be see-through they are not opaque as, I thought they would be if, I can see my pockets through my jeans that’s see-through, I do not like that it looks cheap. But they do feel very nice and soft they feel very comfortable. But they are see-through. But I do like the fit and, I do like the Chi that’s a big plus maybe, I should try more bootcut jeans alright let’s move on to the next pair of jeans next pair of jeans are straight ankle jeans and this is by the brand DL 1961 and, I paid 198 US dollars why are they all. So expensive alright these jeans are made out of 91 percent cotton 7.5 polyester I have never seen that before point five and then 1.5% lycra.

So they are very soft and very stretchy. So these straight jeans, I like them and then, I do not like them, I think the fit is great for a straight pair of jeans they would do remind me of a bootcut just. Because they are a little bit more wider towards the bottom, I love the fray draw hem, I think it is stunning, I think it is really edgy and modern, I love the color and design of these jeans. But the look of them I’m not the biggest fan of just. Because, I do not think they are as flattering they are very relaxed looking in my opinion throw on some heels and, I think it kind of adds a little something extra to these jeans yeah especially for my body type in my legs, I would not wear like sneakers or something with straight pair of jeans heels all the way next pair of jeans are mom jeans and these are actually my first pair, I do not know why, I never bought mom jeans support Andres life and, I mean, I can still wear mom jeans of thumb that a mother. So this by the brand bdg and this is the Urban Outfitters brand and, I paid $59 oh my god yes below $100 and these are made out of 100% cotton that’s incredible I’m excited to try these on they look very vintage, I can see why mom jeans are a huge hit, I like them, I actually love them they are super comfortable they are very loose. But they are nice and high-waisted.

So they hug your waist nice. But they are not squashing anything, I love the rolled hem it towards the bottom of the jeans, I think it is really flattering for my short legs and, I love the black pair of jeans, I mean these are kind of classic mom jeans that are really sharp. But I think they look nice am, I weird even under likes them do, I you said you did okay nevermind maybe he does not like them okay what do you guys think do you like mom jeans or it might have been weird next pair are boyfriend jeans and, I actually already own these pair jeans things are buying a brand Jose and, I love them, I have had them for two years already and whenever, I wear them in a post, I always do. So many questions asking what brand knees are and where, I got them and, I did check and they do still have them online and they are on sale now. So that’s great these jeans are made out of 98% cotton and 2% elastane these are definitely my favorite boyfriend jeans just. Because usually boyfriend jeans they do not look as good on my body in my legs. But these ones they are a slim boyfriend cropped para jeans.

So they are a little bit shorter and they are not as baggy on me. So, I think they are very flattering, I love the frayed hem on the bottom, I love the distressed look whenever, I wear these and my mom is around she hates them she’s like hey let me just take them and fix them for you patch them up no, I paid a good amount of money for these distressed jeans and how can it enjoy every cent. But these jeans are incredible they are. So good they last a very long time and they’re. So soft and, I think they’ve worked with. So many things, I could wear them with heels, I can wear them with booties, I can wear them with sneakers and they look good with everything the last pair are skinny jeans and this is by the brand Topshop and this is their style and Jamie jeans oh, I love these jeans. So much, I have pretty much every color and they are made out of 93% cotton 5% polyester and 2% and lasting and, I do not remember how much, I paid.

But I will have everything listed down below for you guys the reason why, I love skinny jeans so much for my body type is. Because they just hug my body and all the right places all the way up from our waist going down towards my ankles they just look very good and, I make me feel really and especially these Topshop Jamie jeans they’re. So good they are under $100 and they last a very long time they are very comfortable they are soft and they come in various colors and different styles and, I especially love these gray jeans, I think they work very well with. So many different outfits and, I just really want to show you guys what they look like what sneakers are more of a casual look and there we have it, I think some of my favorite jeans the ones that, I didn’t own already, I honestly really like those cropped bootcut jeans. But I did not like the fact that they were see through the white pair of jeans, I think, I might look in that same brand soon. If they have someone there black jeans or maybe just blue jeans and tried the cropped bootcut as well, I really liked the style and how it looked on my body. But besides that.

If you are petite or. If you have very long legs what are some of your favorite jeans in what style thank you for reading spending time with me and I will see you next time bye you.

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