DIY Biotin Shake for Healthier and Thicker Hair

My beautiful friends how are you doing today I’m actually gonna share with you a really exciting recipe.

And I have been absolutely loving it and this recipe is how to make your own bites and shake. So what is biotin and why would, I make a DIY biotin shake recipe in the first place well biotin actually promotes hair growth and supports metabolism of protein fats and carbohydrates. So it is really really important for the scalp and for the hair growth and for just stimulating healthy hair in general over the years, I met.

So many woman and girls that take biotin but, I kind of never really got into it because, I personally prefer not to take pills but recently, I was just like okay let me research. So what is the spice and why is everyone taking it and, I did a lot of research and, I mean it does help you stimulate hair growth but there’s. So many nasty side effects that, I was like, I do not know if, I want to take it but I’m.

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So curious about biotin. So, I did more research because, I believe that whenever it comes to most pills on vitamins we can just take it from natural sources such as food and drink. So, I did a research and, I looked into the fruits and vegetables, I have the highest levels of biotin and right now I’m gonna share it with you I will start with Swiss chard which has the highest levels of biotin and it is actually good for you because it also has a lot of other amazing things like vitamin A it has a lot of fiber and magnesium, I could talk about it for hours but right now we are gonna focus on biotin.

So this is what we are gonna be adding to the shade another ingredient in the shake is gonna be banana because it also has high levels of biotin it also has protein it has potassium. So it is really really good for you we are also gonna be adding a slice of avocado which also has very high levels of biotin also has very healthy fats which are good for here. So we are gonna be adding that we are also going to be adding, I do not know if you can see but we are gonna be adding some sunflower seeds which also have some of the highest levels of biotin they also have a lot of iron which will help with hair growth as well because iron is really important for hair growth one of the last ingredients if you do have some beers that, I would definitely suggest adding raspberries they have very high levels of biotin as well.

So I’m gonna be adding that today and the last ingredient our shake is gonna be coconut water if you do not have coconut water no problem you can just add water I’m trying to make the shake as potent and as, I possibly can almost as good as a pill actually better because our body will better that just natural ingredients that come from you know nature as opposed to a pill. So let’s begin. So first I’m gonna cut up a few leaves of Swiss chard and, I mean you can just do it by hand just being really really fancy here and cutting it with a knife and I’m just gonna add it here then I’m gonna add half banana we are gonna need a quarter of avocado some sunflower seeds and raspberries and then and then I’m gonna add half a cup of coconut water, I usually just eyeball everything but if you want to use measuring cups go ahead and do that and now we can start blending this is what the shake looks like when it is done, I know it does not look too appetizing but it is worth it do it for the hair it tastes actually pretty good, I mean, I do not mind the taste, I can’t say it tastes like you know it delicious strawberry banana smoothie but if you add a little more banana if you prefer your shakes to be more sweet that will work, I personally I’m okay with just half of banana I will drink it for you.

So couldn’t my person love it if you really want to see results you will have to drink this once a day for a month to actually see you know new hair growing out your hair thickening you know looking healthier overall it is not a magic pill and even if you do take the biotin pill it is gonna be the same thing you will take at least a month to see any results, I prefer this. So much better because, I can fill my hair and getting healthier that’s it for today my beauties give this bites and shake a try and let me know how you like it well probably in a month but let me know how you even like the taste or it maybe within a week if you see any results or any changes with your hair, I would absolutely love to hear about it also if you have any kind of special recipes that you do or you take please share with us just leave a comment down below, I would love to read about it and I’m sure everyone else would as well thank you. So much for tuning in love you guys.

So much and I will see you soon bye another thing we are gonna.

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