Are you tired of having dry hair and you want soft shiny healthy hair and keep reading my post and I will show you how to achieve gorgeous hair using products from your home the first ingredient we are going to use is coconut oil coconut oil is great for a dry scalp it creates gorgeous shine helps prevent breakage and hair loss prevents loss of protein hair and most importantly protects from heat such as the Sun or any Hot Tools you might use the second ingredient we are going to use is mayonnaise. So band-aids restore its shine has various fat syllable nutrients that possess deep conditioning impacts and as a natural treatment for dry skin and lastly my favorite ingredient half of an avocado. So avocados oftens hair nourishes your hair improves hair loss and contains healthy fats and proteins which is great especially for those of us who are trying to grow our hair and those are the three ingredients we are going to use. So you can substitute coconut oil for olive oil you can substitute the mayonnaise for eggs and you can substitute the avocado for any fruit you want bananas and mangos work great okay. So now you are going to want to combine all the ingredients together in a bowl as you can see the coconut oil is in a solid state once you start mixing everything together it will turn into an oil and everything will blend really nicely. So make sure you remove the pit from the avocado and squish it all out do not forget the second tablespoon of coconut oil as well.

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So you want to mix it really well you want to try and get rid of all of the chunks and you want it to be one consistent color. So you want it to be a creamy yet thick texture the avocado chunks will squish together will you put it in our hair now this can be stored in the fridge for about two to four days okay guys. So let’s start nourishing our hair it’s. I just want to throw on an old t-shirt and you want to wrap a towel around your shoulders to help prevent anything from getting on your clothes, I’m just gonna clip that into place and separate my hair into two sections begin by grabbing generous amount and you want to start applying it focusing it on your ends personally. I do not like to apply any at-home hair masks to my roots. I find that it is really hard to rinse out and it will create really greasy hair. So, I’m going to do the exact same thing to the other side your hair will start to get a little bit hard that’s a good thing and then, I’m going to work my way out towards the roots making sure that every strand is coated in this mask it can get pretty messy you guys.

So you can wear gloves but honestly it is a great moisturizer for your hands you just want to gather all of your hair and then you are going to wrap it in a bag. I know it looks silly but this is going to lock in all the nutrients and let the mask do its thing. I recommend leaving this on for a minimum 30 minutes and you could sleep with this overnight while we wait let’s have some tea read a magazine you could read your horoscope watch your nails dry watch my other posts or take a nap times left it is time to wash your hair. I do recommend washing it twice just to make sure that we got all the product out of our hair. So, I’m just going to blow-dry as usual just.. So I can show you guys the finished product and here it is my hair feels.

So soft, I’m not even kidding. I can’t stop touching it. I really hope you guys enjoyed this tutorial thank you. So much for reading and I will talk to you guys soon bye you.

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