DIY Dutch Waterfall Braid Hairstyles

Hey everyone. I’m Abby from LA. Today, we are going to show you how to do the DIY version of the Dutch waterfall braid. So last week, we showed you how to do it on somebody else. Today, we are going to show you how to do it on your own hair. You can see that I have bangs, so I like to start my waterfall braids behind my bangs. So I’m just going to come back here and scoop up a little piece of hair, a little section of hair, that I’m going to use put that in to start. OK. Now, once you have got your little section to begin with, I’m going to divide that into three pieces and we are ready to begin our braid. Now, a Dutch braid, you know the middle strand always goes over the outer sides.

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So we just went over. We’re going to cross the middle one over again, and we have completed our first stitch. So now we are going to add hair in. We’re going to pick up a piece of hair to put it into that top piece. And again, you can see my middle piece is right here. We’re going to cross the middle one over the top. Now, this is where it gets a little bit different. We have our three sections, top, middle, bottom. We’re going to take the middle and drop it. Just drop it through. Then I’m going to use my fingers to pick up another little section, and we are going to replace the one we just dropped. So it goes right back in the same spot. So we again have top, middle, bottom. And we are going to take that middle piece and cross it over the outside edge. And again, add hair in on this top piece. Little too much hair on that one. Cross it over. OK. Now here comes our funny stitch again. Drop the middle piece. And it does not matter how you hold your fingers or how you are holding your different strands.

You can do anything that feels comfortable to you. Just make sure that you always replace the hair in the middle. So it is in the middle again. Now we are going to cross it over the outside edge. And again, add hair in on the top. Drop the middle piece. Pick up hair. Add it right back into the middle. So just remember, you are always putting it right back where the other hair was. Cross it over to the outside. Pick up hair. Cross it over. Again, we are going to drop the middle piece. Go in, pick up some more hair, and add it right back into the middle. Cross it over here. Keep that one out of the way. Pick up hair. And you are just going to keep doing that all the way around your head. I will try to get my pieces here. Cross it over. Now, I’m going to start pulling the braid down a little bit because I want it to slant just a little bit towards my ear. So you will see I’m starting to work on that a little. We’re going to pick up hair and add it back in the middle. Cross it over. Cross it over. Drop that middle strand. Pick up hair. Go like this. OK, now right here, I’m going to take this piece of hair and I’m going to just twist it up and out of the way. I’m going to secure it with a clip. See how talented I am, using my elbow here? Just for a second. And you will see why. I’m going to pick up some more hair and add it in. Cross over. Drop that middle strand. Reach all the way back here behind my ear and pick up one last piece and add it into the middle.

And then what I’m going to do is just do a couple little normal braids right here, once I have run out of hair. That gives us just a little bit of hair to work with at the end. OK. Now what I’m going to do, I’m going to take two bobby pins. I will turn back around so you can see. I have picked up a bobby pin. I’m going to take the bobby pin and put it right here, right behind here. I’m going to cross it upward. Pick up another bobby pin. I’m going to go on the other side of the braid and cross it upward. So I have essentially crossed the bobby pins right behind my ear. This is going to hold the braid nice and secure and flat against my head. And you can see that my hair just releases. Now, this is why I clipped this up. I’m going to release this hair and let it fall down, and we are going to use that to hide those bobby pins behind my ear. It’s pretty tricky, huh? So then what we are going to do is just tweak. So I’m going to just fluff a little right here and right there. And you are good to go. OK. We’ll show you the finished product. And there you have the beautiful Dutch waterfall braid, and it is all done by yourself. So the other day I had the opportunity to go and film with BoredShortsTV blog, and we filmed a kid’s snippet. If you guys are not familiar with them, you definitely should be. When I told my kids I was going to go film with them, they were like, what? They’re amazing! You get to be in the kid’s snippets? So go check them out. You’ll especially love the part where I’m singing The Safety Song. That was my very favorite. I will link them down below. Check them out. You’ll love them. And we will see you guys next week. Pick up hair. Just the only trick is making sure that when you pick up that piece of hair, it goes into the middle. Say, I’m getting my hair done. Hair done. Yes. Where’s your nose? Where’s your nose? Where’s your tongue? Where’s your mouth? Give me kisses.

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