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I thought, I would share with you how I achieve my faux blowout this look is so easy to do you guys if you struggle using a round brush curling your hair with a straightener even curling your hair with a curler do not worry because this is so so simple to do. If you want to know how to achieve your very own fo quick and easy blow then please keep reading okay guys. So a forest tutorial. I are going to need is a curling iron. I use this one by Conair I have had it forever, and it is never let me down it is super inexpensive, and it is about an inch and a half in size anything smaller might not give you the right effect anything bigger would be perfect. So for my faux blow. I like to have freshly washed hair it is what my hair is the fluffiest and has the most volume at the root and, I can just blow dry it in the way that I want it. So first. I apply my Tresemme heat protectant and then. I go ahead and, I blow-dry my hair as usual.. So I let my hair dry to about 90% If I have the time and then.

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I blow against the direction that my hair normally lays this is going to help ensure that. I have the most volume and then I will flip my head all the way upside down and I will just blow dry all of my hair in that direction as well when my hair is blow-dried it comes out straight if your hair is not straight when you blow-dry it then just use a round brush to get your hair straight as you usually would. So, I’m just parting my hair my first section right here at my ears and you just want to pin the rest out of place pretty straightforward. So that bottom section. I like to divide in two to bring it forward and then. I divide that section into two it all depends how much hair you have you might need more sections than mine does not matter but you want to be fairly big in size..

So I like working with my back section first because that way if I have missed any hair it’ll be in the front and I will be able to see it. So it works better for me. So grabbing my curling iron it is on the hottest heat setting probably does not need to be but in some of this and, I want all the hair to be going away from my face. So the clamp is going to be in front right and then, I’m just going to start at the top of the hair clamp it down and slowly pull it down my hair kind of curling away from my face about a half turn, I’m just gonna kind of curl it and sit it up on my shirt. So we can sit there and really set the curl and then you do the same thing originally the hair flat as you can half turn flit down time smells. So good small like your hair products coming off your hair. So learn it.

So you can see this side compared to this one the side is more shining it has that really soft curl to it and as we move farther up her head it is just going to be. So beautiful. So, I’m just going to go ahead and do the same thing on this side. So my next section. I like to do just at the base of my temple same thing divide that section into two pieces bring it all forward and then you might need to do three sections at this point but you can probably get away with two depending. I forgot to add if your hair has a hard time holding a curl definitely apply hairspray in between each layer personally my hair does not have a hard time holding a curl. So, I’m just going to apply a dance this next layer.

I like to cut just at the top of my temples. So there you have you guys from this point, I’m just going to use some of my Loreal Elnett hairspray and you just want to use a little bit you do not know way down the curls but you want to be able to make sure that they stay in place all day and even on to tomorrow you just can stop whenever. I do my hair like this. I can’t stop touching it. So bad but, I’m gonna add some of my josie maran argan oil serum to my hair just to add some more shine the heat of the curling iron adds some shine to your hair by itself but sometimes. I like to just add a little bit more and it has a really fresh lemony scent. So so there you go guys that is how you achieve a full boil and it is so easy and it is so much faster to do than a true blowout it leaves your hair super shiny and soft and, I honestly think it does a lot less damage than a real blow it would do.

So do not forget to thumbs up this post if you liked it and definitely comment down below if you try out this hairstyle yourself it is so easy you have to try it and it looks amazing every single time. So thanks again for reading you guys and I will see you soon bye.

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