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Hey everyone welcome to my post. I thought I’d post a quick DIY on how to create these really cute flower crowns I have been seeing around lately now they are great for summer festivals for weddings or just to recreate with your friends.. So I know you want to know how I did it.

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So let’s get started alright guys. So first we are going to need some fake flowers scissors a headbands and of course a hot glue gun now we are just going to start by separating the flowers from the stem hopefully yours just pop off as easily as minded if not to seize them scissors to cut them off.. So I propose three bunches of flowers that. I have and, I’m just going to start popping all the flowers off of the stem, I’m also going to pop off all the leaves as well and, I’m going to continue this on all of my bunches until, I’m done all right remove all the flowers from the stem, I’m just going to create two piles a pile for the leaves and a pile for the flowers this is going to make it a lot easier to apply it in a nice pattern on the actual crown okay. So once we have both of them piles we are just going to grab our scissors and you have to cut off the remaining stems from the flowers this is going to make them lay a lot flatter on our headbands, and it is going to be a lot more comfortable to wear throughout the day all right. So now that we have separated all the plastic from the flowers we are then going to do the same thing to the leaves but the type of leaves that.

I have the plastic just pulls off right from them super simple now for your plastics attached to the leaves again just use a pair of scissors to remove it. So, I’m just going to continue this on all the leaves and then we can get started on the fun part finally done the tedious part now we are on to my favorite part of this craft what we are going to do is take our hot glue gun and put a nice mount on the back of the flower then you are just going to flip the flower over and place it onto the headband nice and flat please be careful not to burn yourself now if you are anything like me and you do get a little bit of hot glue gun on your fingers what you can do is just have a bowl of cool water next to you and put your finger into the water if you get any glue on your finger okay. So we are just going to hold the flower flat against our headband and we are just going to lay it to cool now we are going to repeat this step all along the headbands. So, I’m doing a pretty basic pattern here, I’m doing white flowers and then, I’m doing pink flowers now in between each of my large flowers, I’m leaving about an inch space because, I’m gonna go back and after with some smaller flowers, and it is really going to help complete the look of this crown. So as you can notice, I’m leaving the back of my headband free of flowers what this is going to do is going to allow me to wear it and let my hair go over top of it. So, I’m just going to secure the ends here with two smaller flowers and then, I’m gonna continue on to the rest of my headband okay. So now that we have all the big flowers secured and the laboratory light cake can go in now with the smaller flowers now.

I like to apply the hot glue directly to the headband and then push the smaller flowers into the half inch sections that we left now please remember to be careful not to burn your fingers and of course be careful not to glue down the petals we want this to look as natural as possible okay guys. So now that we have stuck all the small flowers in between the big ones we can now move on to adding some leaves to our headband just to create some more definition. So what I’m doing is, I’m taking these small flowers that. I have left over and, I’m gluing them into the leaves now, I’m going to do about three of these. I remember learning in art class that odd numbers always look better. So feel free to do three five or even seven of these if you want to now, I’m just going to arrange the leaves wherever.

I want to there’s really no pattern in this just stick them down remembering not to glue down any of the petals on the other flowers. So we are almost done at this point you can attach any little decorations left over that you have you can stick on some ribbon some twine, I’m just going to stick on these pink but. I had leftover from my flowers we have attached any last decorations we can allow our crown to cool before we put it on our head and tada we are finally done. If you guys have any left over flowers like. I did and stay tuned for a quick DIY. I do not know about you but. I had some leftover flowers and, I put on my DIY thinking cap and, I thought why not just glue these on to a hair elastic this would be a great look to put with a sock bun or even in everyday ponytail.

So, I’m doing the same methods. I did for the crown including these flowers all the way around and please let them dry before putting them in your hair there we go guys create your very own DIY flower crowns. I just want to thank you guys. So much for reading and I will talk to you guys soon bye.

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