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Hey guys what’s up and welcome back to my hair blog my name is Haley and today I’m gonna be showing you guys how to make three really easy really simple DIY hair masks using amazing ingredients that you just find all around the house and pretty much the whole point of these hair masks is honestly just to give your hair back some love and some life from all the damage that the cold weather has been doing and, I mean especially in the winter time our hair ghosts are. So much torture in that brutal cold outside and is causing a lot of dryness a lot of flaking for many people.

So today’s hair masks are gonna be a solution to all of these problems and give your hair the much-needed moisture that it needs and if you are curious to see anymore of me right after this post my blog Hayley’s corner is gonna be linked right down below in the description box there you can find pretty much all things beauty hair makeup fashion and a lot of DIYs as well. So without further, I do let’s just get it to it okay guys. So before actually getting into it, I just want to quickly show you what my hair looked like before actually doing any of these hair masks this crazy cold winter weather has honestly left my hair feeling.

So dry and. So brittle and not to mention my scalp was really itchy and really flaky which is what happens a lot at the times. So to kick it off we are gonna do this brown sugar and olive oil mask, I love it it is amazing at exfoliating my scalp getting rid of all of those flakes.

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So for ages extra virgin olive oil has been used as a natural conditioner to treat dry hair and it also produces soft and shiny hair since it locks in the moisture and just prevents dryness to the scalp it is a great resource at preventing breakage split ends and even flyaways which you get a lot in the winter. So that I’m just adding some brown sugar which is such a great exfoliant for the hair which helps eliminate the dead skin cells from the scalp and any residue that may have built up which is what leads to healthy and shiny hair. So to get this first mask started you are just gonna take two tablespoons of brown sugar and then you are gonna take one tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil and you are gonna mix that all together in a bowl you are definitely gonna want to protect your clothes or whatever you are wearing.

So I’m just applying a towel right under my hair and then I’m gonna go ahead and grab the grainy texture of the mask and I’m gonna start exploiting it right into my scalp I’m just gonna use some circular motions to make sure that the olive oil absorbs right into my skin while the brown sugar as you exfoliate takes away all of those skin cells, I like to give myself like a little massage while I’m doing this too because it is honestly. So relaxing as well once that’s done, I take the rest of my mask specifically the olive oil left over and, I just dispersed that all over my hair and then I’m just gonna tie up my hair and set in a plastic bag or a shower cap from 15 to 20 minutes but personally, I like to take this time to give my luxy hair extension some love as well because let’s face it in the winter time they need it too the two super ingredients in this mask are honey and coconut oil honey is so great at retaining moisture in your hair as it is a natural human accent which means that it is sex and moisture into your hair to prevent it from escaping because coconut oil is just loaded with.

So much fatty acids it just penetrates into your hair. So deep like a deep conditioner and elites the beautiful soft silky shiny hair you are just gonna want to use a one-to-one ratio. So if you are using one tablespoon of coconut oil you are gonna be using one tablespoon of honey and then you are just gonna want to transfer it into a pot and heat it up until it is melted here it is after it is melted you could see turns into a liquid state and you are just gonna want to mix the masque together, I start off by laying down some saran wrap just.

So, I won’t get the area messy and then you are gonna start applying it to yours. So either taking a brush you can just brush it on or, I actually like to drizzle it on from mid-shaft to the ends of the extensions and then going in with my hands, I just massage that all in until it is evenly coated right after, I flip it over and, I do the exact same thing on the other side once that’s all done and the mixture is perfectly distributed from mid-shaft to ends, I just like to cover it up with the saran wrap and let it sit there for about 15 to 20 minutes if you do want an entire tutorial on how to properly wash your Lux’s we are gonna insert it for you right there. So feel free to click the top right corner and there it is gonna give you more information on that okay mys are all washed and ready to go I’m just gonna brush them through and let them air dry and you guys can see wow what a difference look at the shine and how its restored these luck C’s are gorgeous now, I can’t wait to wear them again yeah okay guys.

So we are at the last mask. So it is actually gonna include the exact same two ingredients we had in the last mask which is coconut oil and honey but on top of that you are actually gonna be adding six to eight fresh strawberries into the mix they have protective properties which keep your hair from falling or thinning they are also. So rich in folic acid and vitamin b6 and b5 which are.

So great in preventing hair loss. So for this recipe you are just gonna be taking six to eight fresh strawberries with one tablespoon of coconut oil and one tablespoon of honey. So you are gonna go ahead and blend all those ingredients together or if you do not have a blender you could just mash it up with a fork and form like a little mash puree that will work just as well and that, I mentioned yeah this smells really good.

So this mask best applies with damp hair. So my favorite ways to just grab a little brush and, I like starting it off at the ends and then, I slowly work my way down just to make sure that it is all evenly coated at some point it gets a bit messy, I just grab it into my hands and then, I just put that all throughout my roots as well once that’s all dispersed, I just love using these like little coil hair ties because they’re. So great at keeping my hair up with keeping the mess to a minimum and then once again cover it up with either a shower cap or a plastic bag and let it sit for 15 to 20 minutes once 15 to 20 minutes are up just go ahead do your typical shower routine and specifically wash it out with warm water ha, I just feel.

So clean oh and by the way guys here’s a little tip for you, I used to towel dry my hair which is horrible. So now instead what, I actually do is use a big white cotton t-shirt and the fibers in the t-shirt are. So gentle that they won’t cause any breakage and they’ll prevent you from having any frizz.

So either wait for your hair to air dry or just blow dry and then just style as usual, I mean instantly come on you guys can see such a difference my hair all the sudden is so shiny and it’s. So glossy and honestly like, I can’t stop feeling it, I touch my hair way too much but especially now you guys can see especially in the root area where, I had a lot of those dry flakes now is.

So shiny and silky and have none of that dryness going on the ingredients in all of these hair masks just work together. So well and they give your her. So much of that much-needed moisture replenish it and give you all that nice shine ok guys.

So this is pretty much the final result you can see how shiny and silky my hair became from doing those hair masks it honestly gave it. So much more moisture and, I just feel like my hair finally has that bounce that, I used to have a couple of months ago. So these hair masks are definitely amazing and, I totally encourage you guys to try them out and by incorporating at least one of these hair masks a week, I truly feel like my hair saying thank you and it is just giving me a good hair day almost every day be sure to LIKE this post if you enjoyed it that honestly helps us out here.

So much and be sure to comment down below which of these hair masks you would most likely try out for yourself if you do end up trying any of these hair masks and you want to show us your results we would love to see. So be sure to tag us on instagram using the hashtag e here. So we could see her beautiful smooth shiny silky moisturize blocks thank you all.

So much for joining me here today, I honestly had such a blast and if you guys do want to see any more of me my blog Hayley’s corner is gonna be linked right down below in the description box and, I would really love to know if e sent you and if you have not already go ahead and comment tos hair blog because there’s. So much amazing hair content on here as well if you do want to go ahead and see more hair tutorials or posts and be sure to click right here and it is gonna send you to another one otherwise thank you all. So much for reading we truly love you forever and always hear e and we will see you next time for another post bye.

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