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Hey all, Welcome back you guys it is slightly a different post. But I did promise you that, I will be doing several updates on the house that we do and the first update is going to be and do it yourself project I’m actually sitting on our doing yourself project and, I did show you guys a little sneak peek on my snapchat for not following me follow me, and it is basically a do-it-yourself window bay bench or seating. Because you guys saw in the first post of the house tour you guys saw that we had a beautiful bay window in our living room and wanted to utilize it not to just leave it empty and just kind of like a weird space. So Andre actually came up with the idea to create our own bench and we’re. So happy it turned out awesome, I can’t even.

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I’m so happy with it too much the watch no no not too much never too much hahaha before we even decided to do it ourselves the bench we actually looked at custom benches like a contractor coming out and doing it for us. But we got quotes they came back with minimum of three thousand dollars upwards over five thousand just for the actual raw bench not including the questions not including the padding nothing and, I think that’s pretty ridiculous. But they were only reason why, I was. So expensive is. Because the size of this window the actual size is what like 12 feet long and 3 feet right there FY and the cushions were 1,500 and the actual cushions like separate from the bench which go to somebody’s separate they were charging around $1500 upholstered everything like 4 to 5 inch thickness and then not even including the pillows yeah it added up really quick. So for the entire bench it would have cost like upwards 6000-7000 which is ridiculous got it like what fine we got it come on do it ourselves we paid less than $500 you guys everything all the pillows all the cushions everything $500 which is a steal. So how do we do it yeah how do we do it that’s the question.

So first step is you have to figure out what kind of bench you want you want a floating bench do want a covered bench what do you want second step is you actually have to measure a new design the process. So on no section engineer and he has like all the tools that he possibly could need and you want you design it in less than a couple of hours even less it was ridiculous like that took me like 15 minutes 15 minutes you guys he designed it in 15 minutes. So we measured everything he designed it really quick and then went to our local Home Depot and Lowe’s and just check out the type of wood that we wanted to use we got three pieces of wood there are two inches thick 12 inches wide by 12 feet long those are really inexpensive, I think we pay look what 17 bucks for each and then we measured it and that took about what like an hour or. So to cut everything hour and a half. So we cut and the good thing is we have like a big drill like a saw saw a saw drill a drill what and then we just bust my hardware also a home home depot and the hardware that we use was actually you know those doors the barn doors that they have they actually sell the hardware it is like that metal plate that has already screws or holes the rail the rail, I like the hard rail. So took that rail and we cut it in half you ever leave, I do use that as a support beams basically you just get creative you think of what do, I want to use oh yeah yeah what’s mass-produced we can buy a cheap and then for the legs work she bought a stool from home goods for about like 50 bucks like a bathroom stool or like a vanity stool we cut off the legs do not work they put them right there put them on each corner and that’s literally how the support is it is very good it it will hold up at least three to three to five people easily this bench and yeah, I I couldn’t be any happier with actual the raw bench which is great, I love it oh my gosh it is actually. So heavy look at that this looks like a table this could be a table sit up next step after we actually figured out and built the frame or the actual bench that you sit on went to figure out what kind of questions didn’t wanted to do and that’s where, I mentioned we actually checked online we got a quote and, I got upwards to $1,500 and that was one of the most basic ones and, I said yeah no thank you I will do it myself.

So what we did budget-friendly we headed to Walmart and we literally bought a king-sized mattress topper that is four inches thick that’s memory foam we cut that in half we cut the sites to fit the actual window and we made it into two cushions instead of one. Because why it looks nice and it fits what we wanted the design to look like and then what we did was we test it out like, I said we had to have some sheets and bed sheets twin size they they were not good enough, I think it was too thin you still could see through them and they kind of had like that, I do not know not enough talking it didn’t feel like a seat it felt like a bed which, I didn’t want, I wanted to feel like a couch or something like that. So that’s why what would the Theroux when the blanket from Target which is really nice as texture on it and it actually feels like a couch which is kind of what we wanted wanted this to be like the second seating area in the living room and yeah next pulling out got some pillows a bunch of pillows and, I think this is where we kind of went crazy you kind of were like yellow just by oh yeah well most of them are like they could team to $20 and they say look excite them say we bought as many pillows as we caught on this on this bed. But I like spent most money on the pillow we did we literally spent the most money posters felt like what 250 yen pillows me yellow. So there’s about there’s 10 pins and pillows actually like 11. So 11 pillow let’s say it is 20 25 bucks average. So you will have two hundreds -, I didn’t think about yeah.

So all the times how many pillows you want how big pillows you want some what with like different textures different colors. But we kind of stay the same color theme we have a lot of beige we have little bit of red. So we have a pop of color in the back. So it is kind of played around with textures and sizes and yeah, I think it came out very well this is like my dream sitting area here. Because, I edit, I we work from home it is just watch people yeah watch cars it is a lot of fun actually people reading here love it just sit here it’s, I do not know, I can’t explain how happy I’m with this how this turned out. If you guys are interested where we found all of these pillows majority of them we found at home goods and a lot of them really great price and then some of them are from this one, I believe is Nordstrom Rack this one is like 2 years old Audrey bought it for me from the mall as some kind of boutique, I remember when the name is is that your fee that was your favorite frontier pillow, I always told them, I love you more. So yeah you guys here are some inspiration do something yourself at home put your own little mark on it and it was definitely a fun project to do together right babe yeah best part is we did it ourselves we saved a lot of time money and it came out better than we ever expected and we have got to be creative.

So there you guys have it this is our first update in the house, I hope you guys enjoyed it, I hope you have got a little bit inspired and share with us maybe some of your favorite doing yourself projects we are always looking for ideas as well let me know your thoughts thumbs up this post. If you enjoyed it comment down below, I love you guys very much and I will see you guys the next one bye.

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