DIY Woven Faux Hawk Hairstyles

Hey everyone. I’m Abby from LA. And today, I’m going to show you a DIY hairstyle that we are calling the woven faux hawk. Now, this hairstyle is inspired by a hairstyle that Bailey wore two months ago in a photo shoot she did, but we have kind of twisted it and mashed up a couple different styles. So it looks a little more like a fishtail, but it actually is not. It’s actually easier than that, so you are going to really love me for this one. And let’s get going. OK, now to start this hairstyle, I’m going to push my hair back towards the back of my head. And I’m going to just pick up a small section right here in front. It really does not need to be a large section.

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I’m going to split it right down the middle and cross them over each other. Now you can see this top piece is crossing from my right hand side to my left, so I’m going to go to this side on the left and pick up another little section and just completely cross it over both pieces. And I’m going to just drop everything else in the meantime, because this top piece is holding it down tight. Now I’m going to go back to this right side, pick up another piece of hair and do the same thing. Drop everything else. And just take this piece up and over and cross it, and it holds everything in place. And you are going to pick up a piece from the left side, take it up and over and cross it. Piece from the right side, take it up and over and across. Piece from the left side. You’re starting to get the idea, right? And at some point, you are going to start picking up hair that may have already been crossed once already, and that’s totally OK. Cross it, a piece from this side and cross it over. You’re just going to keep going. You can see, I’m just pretty much running my faux hawk right down the middle of my head. I will turn around so you can see what I’m doing here. When you get to the crown, you are just going to keep doing the same motion. So pick up a piece of hair. Cross it up and over, and you can drop that one. When you get down as far as you want to go, then you can just sort of pick up the remaining hair, so you can feel where that hair has all been crossed.

Just pick it up, gather it, secure it with an elastic. So you can see that it is laying kind of flat, and I do not love that. I want it to be more dramatic. So the nice thing about this woven nature of this braid is you can literally just go like this, and you can just pull, especially these front pieces. And the whole thing is going to puff. It’s just going to puff right up for you. And then you can also take just a bobby pin, and when you get it pulled forward where you want it, you can just stick a little bobby pin in to help anchor it into that place so that it stays nice and puffy. So the goal being, for me, that it looks semi-normal from the front, but then when you turn sideways, it has a more dramatic feel to it. And then of course, in the back, if you have elastic like I do, you can always take a cute little lacy bow or something that matches your outfit. Just pop it in over the top of the elastic and it will help hide that. OK, so let’s do the final spin. From the side, to the back, and to the front. Now, I love this one because to me, it is the perfect mash up for my personality. I want a hairstyle that is not going to be too extreme.

I still need to look sophisticated and a little bit grown up, right? But at the same time, when you turn sideways, it is got a little bit of a youthful, edgy feel, which is a nice mash of the two. So you do not look so old lady, but you do not look too young, so it is like the perfect in between. So I know you are going to love it. Now, if you guys have not checked out our Instagram lately, we are so close to one million followers on Instagram. So you aren’t following us over on IG, jump on over and follow us. I will put a link in the description box below so you can find it. Be sure to leave a comment below and tell me what kind of hairstyles you guys would like to see over the summer break. See id we can throw in some summertime, maybe swimmer’s looks, something like that. And be sure to give us a thumbs up if you love our posts just in general. See you guys next week. Bye. Two. One. Go. Ow! Ow! (LAUGHING) Stop it!.

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