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Hey guys, it is Abby from LA. Kamry is here with me today,Hey guys. And we are going to show you guys something a little different today. We are going to do a CGH Fab or Fail with a hair product, the hair tattoos, specifically, that we have been hearing so much about. Now, you may have also noticed these, Kamry’s new braces, yay! And we will be showing you what happened when she put them on and how that went in our Behind the Braids post next week. Now you can find our other Behind the Braids posts by clicking the information right here or clicking the description box link below if you have not seen them already, so be sure to comment to our blog, and let’s get onto the hair tattoos. Okay, Kylie Jenner wore some of these hair tattoos in her hair a few months ago, and ever since then I have been wondering if they work, and can you get them out after you put them in? So we are gonna try it today. Kamry hasn’t done these in her hair at all before, so this is gonna be new for all of us. Now, my sheet that I bought on Amazon, they were a few dollars, and they are called hair tattoos. There was five ofem in a pack, so you can see the four, five sheets.

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We’re gonna pick out a hair tattoo and cut one. So you want this one, maybe, Kam? Yeah. So we have the one we picked out, we have it cut out, and I’m just gonna place it kind of right here in her hair, and then if she tucks this behind her ear, I think it will just look really pretty. So the first thing I said was to use some hairspray or some spray gel to kind of make the area a little bit sticky. This is Spray Wax I’m using right here. We’re just gonna kinda put that in her hair a little bit, smooth it down, we want her hair kinda smooth. Now I’m gonna peel the plastic off the front of the actual tattoo, like this, and just set it where I want it in her hair. So maybe right here, down to there. Now it says to take some water. This is just kind of like a flash tattoo, and wet the tattoo down. There we go, and then use a washcloth to kind of hold it and count for like seconds and wait for the tattoo to adhere. Or not adhere, depending on if it works, right? Right Kam? Yup. I hope this comes out. What if I just have this tattoo in my hair for the rest of my life? And then the hair is like moving around and you have little bits of tattoo all over.

So we are just wetting, pressing, holding, to seconds, it said, and then we are going to check it and see if it worked. Ooh, Kamzy. Look, it worked, that was easy. Okay, so we now have determined that the tattoo can actually go on and look really pretty. It’s not really sticky. It kind of feels like a sticker in her hair. It’s like, I think it would come out easycause it would just peel off almost. But then the directions on the packaging said you can also take a little bit more hairspray or wax and just spray it over the top to help just secure the tattoo in place, and you are good to go. So here’s the finished application look. On the paper it says for tattoo removal, just pass a comb with dense teeth gently through the hair, or rub off the tattoo. So first we are gonna try a comb with tight teeth, which, that didn’t sound like it was gonna work to me, but maybe, so, oh yeah, it is kinda pulling it off actually. Gently. Is that hurting you? No. Okay, it is just sort of collecting. Sounds weird though. It’s just sort of peeling the sticker off of her hair and into the comb, actually. I didn’t really think this would work, to be honest. So let’s try rubbing. Let’s see if we can, if rubbing would work. I do not think rubbing is going to work very well. I’m trying to rub, and it is not really doing, well, there, I got some, but it is pretty stuck. I mean it is pretty stuck to the hair like a sticker. I think that one’s gonna hurt more, to be honest. So I do not know, I wanted to try this way too. Just taking that same damp cloth that we used before and rubbing, and see if that did anything or if it just adhered even more to the hair. I mean, again, it is slowly rubbing it off, but I actually think the comb was the easiest one. So there you go, let me try that again. Okay guys, here’s my quick recap on the hair tattoos. I was pleasantly surprised that it was both easy to put them in and easy to take them out. So I’m doing a double fab thumbs up. But leave a comment below telling me if you think they are fab or a fail, and do not forget you can find the link in the description box below if you want the link to the ones I bought. I will put it down there, and you can find more of the CGH posts in the information box up here, plus the Behind the Braids posts, and we will see you guys next Sunday. See you.

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