Double Braid Sparkly Headband Hairstyles

Hey everyone. I’m Abby from LA. And today we are going to show you how to do a double braided headband. So this is a little bit fancier look. I love this for like a homecoming, or prom, or something like that would be really fun. We have started. I will just turn her around so you can see. I have added curl into your hair using a wand already, so it is really soft and nice and ready to be finished when we are all done with the braids. And I have already added one braid on this side. I’m going to show you how to do it on this side. So we are going to take a section of hair. I already have mind sectioned off. I just took my finger and went from the top of her ear, and kind of picked up a little section.

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But I didn’t want to go to high right here on the front of her face. You want to just be right by her ear. But make sure you have a big enough piece that form pretty braid when you cross it over. Now I’m going to begin braiding it. You’re going to want to braid going up. This is the direction if you braided it and pulled down like this, then when you flip it back over the hair, it lays really funny right here. So you want to braid it, even if you are doing it on yourself, make sure you tip your head and braid it in the direction you want the braid to lay. Now I’m just going to begin my regular braid. Going again in the direction we want the hair to lay up and over the top of her head. You can do this yourself. You just have to tip your head to the side and put your arms up and over, which feels a little awkward but does the trick. Now I will turn so you can see her, now that I’m getting the braid coming over the top of her head. And I’m just going to take it down to right above the opposite ear, and secure it with an elastic. I want to make sure I get it just long enough that it can sit right behind her ear. Take a little, tiny elastic, put it in.

There we go. Now before I lay them over, I’m just going to take her hair and comb it slightly back. I want hers to go straight back. And I have actually already previously teased just a little bit, right through here. You can see how it is kind of puffing up. You can add a little more if want. If you do not like teasing, you do not have to do it. This is optional. It’s just going to give you a lot more volume right here in her crown. Right here, right where we want to braids to go. So now we are going to take the braids, make sure that lays flat. We’re going to cross them up and over the head, down behind the ear, and secure it with a bobby pin. And you are going to do this on the other side as well. So I’m going to cross the bobby pins just to make sure that it stays in nice and tight. Now I’m going to take the second braid and this one I already did previously and I’m going to lay it back behind the first one, and then down, again, behind her ear. And secure it with a couple of bobby pins. And these bobbies and stuff will all be hidden with her hair when we are all finished. See? That’s how easy it’ll hide it. Let me look at it from a front and make sure we like the way it looks. Now to add just a little bit more pizazz, I have taken two headbands, and you can see these are this one’s sparkly and this one has a little gold braid to it. I also found these when I was at the same store. And this one has a little more of like a glitter stone and then a braid.

These we are all at Claire’s. But I’m just going to take one and place it right in front of our first braid. So this is a little bit forward. Then I’m going to take tip your head down so I can see so I did a head band, a really hair braid, and then I’m going to take the other headband, and lay it right down in the middle of those two braids, right there. So that we create a really fun layered headband look. And of course we are going to pump up the volume in the hair in the back, and really maximize that fullness. And then just for a little tweaking, I’m actually I take just the edges of this braid, given just a little extra tug, just to widen that braid up. These are all optional little tweaks. And you are set. Let me see. I’m going to fix the volume back here. Just make sure it is really soft and pretty. Add a little hairspray to maintain that shape. And there you have the finished product. I will give you a spin, so you can see the loveliness. Do you Like it? Yeah. I think it is really pretty. I would love to do this on some dance hair do, like for homecoming or prom. It’d be so fun. So for those of you guys that follow us on Google Reader, just as an FYI, actually just shutting down. They’re closing it completely on July of this year. So if you are currently following us on Google Reader, we switched over for those of you and we are actually now on Bloglovin, which you will love. There’s lots of beauty gurus on there and great blogs. And you can find us there. And it is an easy way to follow us and keep up to date. There’s a link in the description box below. Check it out, and we will see you guys later. Bye.

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