Double Lace into Side Braid Rihanna Braid Hairstyles

Hey everyone. I’m Abby from LA, and today I’m going to show you how to do a double laced braid into a side braid. So I first saw this one on a picture of Rihanna, and I thought it was really, really cool. And I have since had people send it to me, so I’m going to go ahead and do a tutorial on it, and I think you will enjoy. So I have parted her hair where her natural part line falls, which is slightly to the left, and I’m going to take a little section of hair right here near the front top. And I have just a lightly, lightly misted her hair with water just because she has a tendency to have a lot of fly aways, and I’m going to start my lace braid.

Double Lace into Side Braid Rihanna Braid Hairstyles Photo Gallery

Now, lace braid means I’m only picking up from one side, and if you will watch my hands you will notice that I’m not picking up hair from I’m only picking up hair from this side of the braid, not the right side. And I’m just going to try to keep the braid as close to her forehead as humanly possible her hairline along her forehead. And you will see when I get a little farther what I mean by that. Angle kind of straight down initially, because if you start angling back at this point it won’t land where you want to ultimately finish the braid. So if you look at the picture of Rihanna, she is wearing this braid with her bright, red hair, and it kind of goes over her ears, which is why angling the braid down like so because I want it to hang right over the top of her ears. And we are just going to continue to braid it. And now when I hit that top of her ear where I want that placement to be, now I’m just going to go and run the braid along the nape of her neck her hairline along the back of her neck. We’ll just keep going. And oops, sorry. So much pressure to braid while I’m posting. You can see that I have gone down over her ear. Now I’m kind of evening the braid out a little bit. Just taking it along more of the nape of her neck. Keep turning her. Keep just adding in pieces. We’re almost done.

And when we get around to the other side you will see that I have already I will show you. So I’m on my last piece here. Now you can see that I have brought the braid all the way around, almost to her opposite ear. Now, I have already done the braid on this side, which just went straight down over the top of her ear, and then we are going to connect the two. Now to connect them, what I do is grab two pieces and hook them together. I’m going to unbraid this a little bit, and just grab a piece of that hair. So I have two strands in this hand, two stands now hooked together, and two strands over here. And basically, you are just going to start a regular braid, and this is how you just kind of form them into one braid. And we will go all the way down until we run out of here, and then, of course, secure it with an elastic. Do you have that clear one? I’m going to use a clear elastic on the end that will blend into her hair better. Then you can come up here and loosen it a little bit so it is not And then if you have little wispies, like she has baby hair right here, you can just bobby pins them in, or just reach them up and took them in. And there you go. So we have this really fun braid. You can see the lace braid goes all the way around. Another way to do it too is to just once you get to this point, you can just gently pull down on the hair right here and here, and that will just loosen it up from the head a little bit too and help it sit over the ears better. But there you go. I think it looks really good. She actually wears this one quite often, and we always get comments on it when she’s wearing it because it is really a fun, unique look. We hope you guys enjoy, and we will see you later. Bye.

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