Double Lace Updo Homecoming Hairstyles

Hey everyone it is Katie. And it is Charlie. And we are from Abellas Braids. We’re here to show you a really fancy, beautiful Up-do for a special occasion, and I think you are gonna love it. Please make sure to comment to Hairstyles with this button below, and make sure to give us a big Thumbs Up on this post. We hope you enjoy it. Start off with some really loose waves which is really good for any Up-do, or many Up-dos rather. And I’m just gonna take a parting from here down all the way to the other side. And I will show you that in one second, after I get all this pinned up outta the way. So the parting goes all the way from here, back down, all the way to the bottom of the other ear.Kay now look straight that way please. And we are just going to French braid this part. We’re gonna pull on it to make some really loose, elegant hair.

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I’m gonna get these small pieces started so there’s more of a braid to work with. Okay. So just go ahead and pull it loose as you go. Cross over, add some hair, and we will just pull this part loose. And you are just gonna braid until all of this hair is gone from this parting that we made. You can also pull the other side loose too. You can do it as you go or after you are done. And then just do the same, keep pulling the braid loose at the end. Braid all the way to the ends. Now go back. Take all the hair down and now you are going to go up a couple of inches, inch and a half, whatever you think works best for the head that you are working on. And you are going to make another parting, the same, it is gonna go all the way from here, back around to the middle, the back of her ear. And once again pin this up out of the way. And you are going to do the same exact braid. Just French braid and pull it nice and loose as you go. There, so I can see what I’m doing. You are so good at tutorials. Did you know that? No? You didn’t know that? So as you can see, I forgot to mention, but when you are braiding, you are only adding hair in from the bottom section. So instead of French braiding you are doing what’s called a Lace braid I believe. So when you are braiding, you are doing what’s called, I believe, a Lace braid.

And do not forget to pull it loose as you go. Be careful of how loose you pull it in the very front, because you do not want it to end up looking real lumpy.Kay now I’m going to go back and loosen the top. And saying, just when you run outta hair, just keep braidingtil the ends and finish with an elastic. Now you are going to do another braid right here, all the way to the ear. But you are going to take all of your sections from all the way from the other side of her head, going across this way and just braid in the same fashion that you did this. Okay, so you are gonna be putting the hair instead of from the bottom side, the hair’s going to be added at the top side on this section and not the bottom. So you are just flipping what you did on the last two sections. And the trick is just braiding and pulling it nice and loose. You want it loose, loose, loose as you can. And I’m gonna pull the bottom section as I go, to cover this parting.Kay, so to get this to lay without buckling I’m gonna put it over this second braid and under the third. And again you are just Three Strand braiding it. And then I’m going to actually add an elastic right here, a clear one. And we are just gonna let these three braids hang loose. You can put another elastic at the bottom. You could braid these three together. Actually I’m gonna do that, very loosely braid these three together. And you can finish with a bow or a clip. I’m actually gonna finish with a bow. Thank you so much for watching, guys. If you wanna comment to Hairstyles please do right now with this button. If you wanna see more of our posts use this button here. And if you wanna see more of Hairstyles this button right here. Thanks guys. We’ll see you next time. Bye.

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