Double Twist-Around Bun Updos Hairstyles

Hi I’m Abby from LA, and this morning, we are going to film a hairdo called double twist-around bun. Now, I have seen this picture floating around on Pinterest a whole bunch, but it does not have a tutorial on how to actually make it work like a post, so I thought I’d show you. So her hair is totally dry. She had it in like a braided bun yesterday, so we have some residual curls and waves from yesterday’s bun. And we just brush it out and I’m just going to take my finger and divide the hair just roughly into half. Now, we do not want like a really formal straight part or anything, just kind of a rough guess and you are going to kind of tuck this one out of the way. So we are going to start by there’s two ways you can do it. The first way is a more adult-looking, older-looking hairdo and that’s what we are going to kind of do to her hair today.

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So I’m going to kind of puff it, make it lose, almost look like I back combed it a little bit through the crown, but if you are looking for something to wear gymnastics or cheerleading or a sporting activity, you could wet your hair down and pull it tighter and it would be a great way to hold your back too. So turn your head this way for me we are going to start by just twisting. Scoot to the side. We’re going to just twist, twist, twist, twist kind of along the nape of her neck or her hairline. And when we get to our halfway point, we are going to stop and I’m just going to tug and make sure that we leave some loose softness to the hair. Then you are going to twist the rest all the way to the end and twist it into a little twisty bun kind of at the midway point on her neck. I’m going to take an elastic and just wrap the elastic around this just to secure it while I work on the other side. Now, we will switch to this side. Turn your head this way a little bit. Again, just take care, just kind of as you are twisting, add in hair. We do not want formalized twists, we just kind of want it all meshed together. Go back, tug out any pieces you want.

Loose. Twist it all the way to the end. Now, I’m going to take this bun. I’m going to wrap the hair underneath that first bun and then up and over until I run out of hair, just wrap it around, and then just kind of loosen it so it is like a soft, really chunky-looking twist. Now, I’m going to take some spin pins. Spin pins are these pins. They look like kind of, I do not know. They almost like a DNA helix sort of, but they come in a package like this. These are mini ones, and they come in different colors. These are dark brown that match her hair better and these are little bit longer, but you just take them and you put them into the bun and then you twist them, and it just kind of twists and like grips those buns together as it twists through. And do it again on this side. Twist it through. Twist it in. You can just use regular bobby pins too. And then I will just secure any looser ends like specifically end ends with bobbys. So make sure you grab some of the hair of the bun onto the hair of her head so that it holds that up against her scalp. And then just tug, soften, loosen wherever you want, and you have a really fun, soft, great style for a second-day do. Great for work or even like a nice casual party if you have a luncheon, something like that, this is going to be a great hairdo for this. Turn and say bye. Bye.

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