Drugstore AUTOMATED CURLING IRON Conair Infiniti PRO Curl Secret 2.0

Oh boy Hey all, Welcome back my lovelies to another post today we are testing out another hairstyling product or a tool I’m testing out that infinity pro by conair this is their curl secret 2.0 this looks really good it has two different sizes it has one in 1/4 inch and then a 1 inch chamber which is really nice and supposedly this should be good beachy waves or defined waves interchangeable chambers anti freeze protection heats up to 450 degrees that’s cool and the back of the box it just shows you pretty much what to do right there, I like it yes and then on this side of the box it shows you the different curls you get with a different size chambers let’s try it out and before, I forget, I paid $99.99 without tax in my nearest Target. But I found out on Amazon today for 70 dollars and 99 cents.

Drugstore AUTOMATED CURLING IRON Conair Infiniti PRO Curl Secret 2.0 Photo Gallery

So, I got scammed. So this is what it looks like when to take it out of the box it feels very cheap right here it does not feel like it is gonna last a very long time. If you do not handle it very gently and then this portion right here it is heavy, I mean this looks like a hammer you know Thor it is kind of what it feels like right now and of course you have your other chamber when, I open the box the 1 inch was already on. So we are gonna try the 1 inch and then the 1 and 1/4 inch just to see the different curls. So after reading the little pamphlet that came with this the 3 settings right here start with the heat temperature which is high and low, I hate that, I like to see how hot my tool gets and then you have the middle one which sets the timer for your chambers when you curl it. So for the 1 inch you have 14 12 or 10 seconds and then for the one and 1/4 inch chamber you have 12 10 and 8 seconds and then this last setting is where you control the direction of the curl. So right left and, I believe Auto.

Because it is an a all right. So I’m reading the directions. Because this thing looks intimidating, I do not even know where to place my hair what wait where is the hair guide where do, I place it, I think we figured it out. But I’m gonna separate my hair just in case something does go wrong, I wanted to be the hair underneath I’m gonna take some heat protectant this is by Kate is professional there she’ll bit okay. So, I have this curl secret set at the temperature, I have it set at high, I have a set at 10 seconds and I’m gonna do an automatic curl rotation and, I have the 1 inch. So on this side it says this side towards your head. So always have this towards your head, I guess what you do is you take a section of hair you place it through what is not sound good alright it is done look at that alright let’s try it again, I do not like it.

But okay let me do left now let’s do left. So towards my head through the chamber wow wow that’s hot okay okay. So it does curl was to the right side. Because both of these are going in the same direction automatic and left are in the same direction let’s try our and see. If that changes anything let me try that one more time alright let’s do this again that’s better. So I’m going to take the one inch barrel off and change it to the one point 1/4 inch one point not for us one in a 1/4 inch all right this is a little hot. So, I gotta be very careful okay there we go you can see inside all right.

So we do the same thing here okay all right we are gonna move on to the left side of my head to compare the Carl’s. So we are gonna do the same thing I’m gonna start with the right rotation. So, I changed it to I’m gonna keep it on high he said it and I’m gonna put on eight seconds and see how this works all right. So, I love the timer oh boy. So next one is the left rotation. So making sure this is towards my head okay and ellas do automatic yeah, I do not like this one for my hair. So let’s talk about the pros and cons of the curl secret 2.

0 the first thing, I did not like about this chicken out of the box it is heavy, I do not like that from a curling iron for my hair straightener, I do not like to hold especially extra weight when, I do not need to that’s why, I go to the gym I’m good the second thing even though it is automated which is a really cool thing once, I clamp and my hair grows inside, I can’t see what’s happening with my hair I’m a very visual person, I like to see what I’m doing yeah, I do not like that excuse me which, I know a lot of people are different. But for me I’d like to see specially deal with my hair, I like to see it visually on what’s going on third it is automated I will keep saying that. Because it is an automated hair tool you get only a specific type of curl you can’t create different variations with this tool you get what you get that’s it there’s nothing else and then fourth are the little settings here the key setting, I think is one of my biggest pet peeves on tools especially already going towards the hundred dollar price range it is better for everybody. If they can control the heat setting yes what Andre said. So the pros for this is one obviously it creates consistent curls -, I like the timer especially for this automated tool it kind of does a job for you in a way and then three, I love that they provided the second changeable barrel to give different sizes. If you do like the types of curls and this creates. So overall would, I recommend this product no.

I’m so conflicted. Because it does curl your hair. But it only curls it in a certain way that, I know a lot of people do not like maybe some do. But I know a lot of people do not like and it is heavy it is not worth the money you can curl your hair. So many different ways using a regular curling iron you get the visual feedback looking at your hair and how it curls even though this is not digital temperature, I do like that you can actually see how high and how low you can go and you can actually set it and it will stay there and it will not go anywhere. Because, I do not know does that does not get warmer once, I put it in does it get colder wants to take it out. So, I can’t really tell on what’s going on or right here.

So there we have it my honest opinion on the Infinity pro/con air curl secret 2.0 it will be going back to where it came from back to Target thank you for reading spending time with me and I will see you in the next one bye you.

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