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Forever on welcome back to say first things first I’m going to be wearing this bow on my hair because my hair is just not cooperating at all.

So it is not a pot with Vanity Planet to bring you this drugstore makeup tutorial I’m using the vegan Brusha which is made out of Ultra Soft premium vegan brush hair which basically means that they are animal cruelty involved in the creating of these brushes and they are shed free and allergen free which is pretty cool now make sure you check the description.

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But I do have a huge discount card for these brushes using the umbrellas 24-hour Miracle cream now I’m not 100% sure if this is actually stole sold in drugstores but I know that it is really affordable Farm just connect and you will need to get on it but I promise I’m using the makeup Revolution store Promenade in the color chocolate this is a tiny bit warm for me but none the less I just booted up fidget clear my browser I usually use the touch type type of the drugstore tutorial I tried out the Maybelline Fit Me concealer in shaped My eyes I’m also using the Maybelline Fit Me and then I’m just using the Kodi s-bahn to look at all the Empires 3 we are ready for eyeshadow palette for $5 I found this on it VT joins.com which is why I get So much of my drugstore makeup and you guys I was So impressive the pigment now you will see like as I’m allergic but it is nothing that you can’t go to just like buildup on and get your desired intensity.

That I use a total of three Shades and this is kind of like a soft cut crease to make you I’m doing was wrong and I went in with with a which is the coolest Shades I kind of like transition from warm to cool to make it look nice and gradient and obviously darker as it gets more defined in the craziest thing just want to make sure your blending all together now what I like to do with a lot of my looks is used like a white or cream eyeshadow to holler at my broadband and also I blend it down into the transition, So it gives a gradient blind apps what’s eyebrow say basically what I mean by a soft cut crease is that create that definition on the lips like you just throwing that further which is from my bridal shower obviously from Snapchat.

So if you do not follow me on Snapchat all listed down here So that you guys can follow me all the makeup looks IGA in my day-to-day life.

So now that I have applied at that watch Is Atlanta eyeliner and for all I know I’m using the other side of payment NY State Line. I think it is cold or something black there is two types of black and this one’s like the block a block any makeup wipe and clean up any messages of eyeliner and eyeshadow to cut my lashes I use the extreme Create that really foolish book on the picture you.

So I was wearing mink lashes but since I’m using vegan brushes for this load I thought it was fitting to also use Vega Marshalls to go with me and that’s not I tried Trial the Wet n Wild photo ready and because it is too liquidy I was like okay I better shake that butt oh my God for 599 this Foundation was oh my God what can I compare it to you it honest of the Giorgio Armani luminous silk now I know that really really hurts to hear because that is such a high and expensive Foundation is 599 Foundation now with the one thing I noticed about these is that it is kind of like a medium coverage but it is buildable.

So you say now on my chain you can still see my little blemish there and you can also still see my Beauty Spot above my lip but I actually really like that about the foundation because it cancels out any darkness and discoloration on your face but if you do want to step it up. and I was just saying press with the outcome So basically you can do anything with this Foundation which I think is amazing for 599 and I was literally right at the end of this cheap.

So I was like the last little like twist up of the product which means I have to go buy a new one now but I do not mind because for the price of it it is just such good value and such a good product and it is one product that I definitely always just go back and buy Irvine Is my name is Bill I didn’t really different way to what I usually do and I use the foundation Brock and I love how seamlessly in blender that they can feel like it kept every single bit of the cartridge usually like sometimes you use a particular brush and eat up some of the product.

Because this is a synthetic brush is what I love most about this first that cuz I love the idea of not having to be I mean I love having to be generous my concealer but I love the idea that my brush is not going to stay up on my product and then just to make sure that concealer blending with my fan tation I just took my sponge and Blended all the edges together to my Facebook not sorry I have heard of that I use day in day out and it is drug store is the LA GoPro face powder and I use this pattern every single day I actually do not even have a high-end one when I use this is the only one that I use and then to bake under my eyes I use the car DS band which honestly guys could be finally moved.

I’ve ever used in my life and then just For the rest of my face we did a really good job of blaring my skin off because the product is So I finally mailed today I used the Wet n Wild Contour palette for the first time and the color is called do schillaci and I freaking loved the is the Contour shade was So beautiful in color and it wasn’t patchy it was on the side pocket for my skin turn and then the banana shake it wasn’t too yellow it was mine which I also learned a lot and I think this was about six or seven dollars and I just cannot understand Appliance Brands it is really impressing me today I’m because I do not really use drugstore makeup that often I’m a little shook right now and this means that I’m going to do So many more drugstore tutorials because I like he even better than the high-end makeup tutorials So now I’m just teasing.

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