Drugstore Victorias Secret Curls New Flat Iron Technique

This Victoria’s Secret inspired look today, I will using only drugstore products in drugstore tools to create this look and, I have additionally come up with a little quick -minute version of these curls in case you do not want to spend minutes curl your hair. Because everybody does not have time for that also. I collaborated with Amanda in seeing a beauty box one two one she did this amazing makeup inspired by Adriana Lima you guys should definitely go check out her tutorial, and subscribe to her. Because she has some great makeup posts. And I absolutely love them. So now onto the hairstyle first of all we are going to volumize the hair, I will going to be using this Hour Body foamy mousse by Tresemme they’ve actually put this onto my dry hair. So, I will putting some into my hand rubbing it between two hands, and using my fingertips to apply that to my roots you can apply this on wet hair as well on dry hair it is just going to be a little bit more coated.

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So you should get a little bit more lift out of the mousse rather than if you were to use it on wet hair then you can put some through the ends, and then flip your hair over upside down, and use your hairdryer to kind of activate the mousse it is not absolutely necessary to use your hair dryer but it does help to activate, and add just a tiny bit more volume let’s look your hair back over, and you can see we got tons, and tons of volume. So now we are going to section just to make the hair a little easier to work with separate your hair in front of your ears on either side of your head, and click that up, and out of the way, and then what they here that’s remaining in the back separate about two inches above your hairline, and then take that hair on top of your head, and clip it out of the way. So that that is also nicely out of the way for our next step.

So now let’s talk about the method that we are going to use for this hairstyle first of all you want to use some be protective spray to keep your hair as safe as possible during this curling process, and then for our method what you are going to do is to take three fingers together, and wrap the hair around it this creates kind of like a donut shape with your hair. So that when you take your hands, and hold on either side see you have got a nice little circle there what we are going to do with that is take a flat iron on either side of it kind of clamped down, and you just want to warm the hair up it does not have to sit there for you know ten seconds or anything like that just long enough to get the hair warm, and then we are going to move on with the rest of it now if your hair is a little bit harder to curl or you want tighter curls you could use two fingers to wrap your hair around, and that will create a smaller curl. Because the circle that you are making is smaller.

Once that’s done whichever one you have you end up with this cool curl wave hybrids it looks very natural, and beach, and what you should do with that afterward is to wrap it around two fingers, and use a single prong clip or bobby pin or whatever you have on hand to clip it up against your head while it cools in place to create a nice strong curl that will last all day long, and here’s a little chart to help you decide whether you need to use three or two fingers on your hair essentially three fingers is going to create a very loose curl whereas two fingers is going to create a tighter curl moving on we are going to curl section by section until the hair is all curled. So you are going to curl this bottom section, and once it is done wind it back up, and put it against the head, and then continue by dropping two more inches, and curling that pinning it up, and dropping more sections, and keep going until you got all of the hair curled except for the hair right around the part we are going to do that just a tiny bit different another note is that if you have curly or wavy hair to smooth your hair out before you curl it you can always run the iron over just a couple times just to smooth it out, and then complete this curl on it, and you would have a nice smooth curl at the end of it without having to straighten all of your hair, and then curl all of your hair now back to the sectioning now that we are back around the part instead of curling right against the root you want to go out about three to four inches, and then curl out there it just gets you a more Victoria secret lived-in beach bedroom whatever kind of curl.

That it is a little bit more low-key, and not as tight, and you know placed as curling right against the root right around your part looks. So just make sure that you give those extra couple inches just make the hairstyle look a little bit more effortless, and then once you have got those done of course you are going to curl them back up, and place them against your head when you allow curls to pool, and their shape like this it creates a much stronger curl. Because the curl is actually formed when your hair cools, and not when it warms up. So that’s why, I will always one to curl my hair back up, and let it cool against my head. So now to finish out these curls once they are completely cool you can take all the clips out, and do try to get all of them out it is sometimes. I accidentally end up with one of these left in my hair, and it is totally awkward but anyway once you get all of these out they are going to go ahead, and just use your hands to shake out these curls sometimes if you brush through with your fingers you can make frizz. So do not do that just shake them out flip your hair upside down use some hairspray, and scrunch, and you get a great totally lived-in totally Victoria secret texture, and look to the hair, and that’s it for more kind of intense Victoria Secret curls this method gets you a lot more curl definition, and a lot more volume but if you want something a little bit easier here’s kind of our Express version if you will you are going to start out right around your face, and use the exact same method that we did.

So wrapping your hair into kind of a pin curl, and then using the flat iron on it but then we are not going to take the time to wrap it back up you are just going to let it fall we are also not taking the time to section you are just going to take a little section right next to it you just worked on, and then curl it, and drop that, and then pick up another section right next to that, and continue that until you have got all the hair on this one side done, and then you are going to move on to the next side doing this eliminates a lot of time from it. Because you are not individually curling each little section of hair, and that adds a lot of time also if you can hold on to your iron while you wrap your hair around your fingers but definitely be careful doing that but if you can do that it saves a lot of time as well. Because you are not wasting time putting your iron down, and picking it back up. So then you just continue around doing the exact same thing. I can do this in ten minutes on my hair. And I get a great kind of lived in beach looking wave, and it is really pretty, and really easy to do very quickly. So if, I will trying to get out the door. And I care about my hair looking curled the is a great go-to thing to do. So I totally recommend it for you guys that want that kind of like lived-in wavy curly texture but do not want to spin like thirty minutes to get it once you are done flip your hair over just to add some volume, and some messiness to it, and then flip it back use some hairspray, and it is all done. I hope you guys have enjoyed this. I love this hairstyle, I have seriously been wearing it all the time since. I started working on it, and make sure to check out Amanda’s post. I really love this makeup. And I love her makeup tutorials. I think you guys will too. So be sure to check that out and, I will see you guys in my next post. I love you very much mom.

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