Drugstore Vs Salon Hair Product Dupes

Today I’m doing a post on inexpensive versions of more expensive hair and hairstyling items they are basically dupes they are very similar if not almost exactly the same but the price points are very different I’m not knocking the salon versions of products I’m a hair stylist and so I’m always going to be a fan of good ingredients in great formulation but I also know that like we live life on a budget and we have to choose where we put our money and sometimes money just can’t go to hair care or maybe we’d rather put it in other things so for those reasons I thought I would go ahead and show you guys these more inexpensive versions of basically the same thing now this first soup I know that I have mentioned in the comments.

When I was talking to you guys but I do not remember if I mentioned it in the post yet the expensive version is the Moroccan oil treatment light this is a lightweight oil that you put through your hair you can do it while it is wet you can do it while it is dry I mostly do it while my hair is wet after the shower to add smoothness and shine it helps with the tangling and it helps your hair to dry faster I’m a big fan of it but the less expensive version I would say is the Kardashian Beauty smooth styler blow dry cream this one retails around fifteen to sixteen dollars so it is not quite like Tresemme L’Oreal prices but it is a lot less expensive it does the same thing so it helps to add shine it helps to detangle helps your hair to dry faster and it adds smoothness I have used this both on wet and dry hair it works really well for both.

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I would say one difference is that this is a cream versus an oil so whenever you put the treatment on your hands it is going to feel a little bit oily whereas this one feels more like a cream or kind of slippery gel so I find them to be extremely similar at least the lightweight version of the oil I find it to be very similar to this and if you would rather not by the Moroccan oil I would really recommend this one because it did amazing things for my hair and I’m a big fan of it next dupe is volumizing powders now I own quite a few of them.

And I find them all to be extremely similar so as a really high end we have the Schwarzkopf osis and dusted texture this is really really great I mean it is the perfect like velvety texture izing powder that you can use for volume you can use to texturize your hair and pull braids apart or just to create like big teasing on your hair like what you want you can do with this you really want to go down to a drugstore like five to six dollars we have these Schwarzkopf style a still team by a plus volume at extra magic volume powder made by the same parent company as this one and it is so similar if anything this one is a little bit tacky er but if you are using it for volumizing or you are using it for pulling braids apart it is still just as good it is still just as effective and it is a fraction of the price of this one okay so these tax two are not exact.

But I think that they are similar enough and if you were to tell me like I can’t afford this well what would you recommend this is what I would recommend so first we have the paulvitch will hot off the press heat protectant spray you guys know I love this one I have been using it forever it is a little bit of like a hairspray mix with the heat protectant spray it works really well as both it does not wear your hair down is incredible but what I would say is very similar and I actually kind of like more is the Schwarzkopf stylist whole team crystal shine and hold heat protection shine spray these names so this actually adds shine and hold and protects your hair from the heat it is actually what I use on my hair today and I have been really enjoying the holds that I get from this it gives me hold without being crunchy or crispy without making my hair dried out or feeling any kind of way that I do not want it to and it adds shine.

So it is kind of almost in my mind right now for my hair this but better because it adds the shine and because it does not dry my hair out and now we have another Moroccan oil product this is the Moroccan oil root boost volumizer it is great I love it what I love about it is that it adds volume and shine to your hair it is very rare to find a volumizing product so that either maintains or as shine normally when you add shiny way hair down so when you can find a product that does both volume and shine you like grab onto it and you do not let coat it works very very well again though a little bit pricey so if you wanted something that was similar but cost less I would recommend the Kardashian beauty Kay body volume foam this also adds shine and volume.

I do have to say it does not add as much volume as this one does however if you want just a nice little bit of lift and bounce to your hair if you just want to like your hair to feel more swishy all know this is a really good option for that and the good thing about it being really lightweight is that you do not just have to put it at your roots you can actually pull it down through your ends to your ends if anything are going to feel better for having this on it so if you want a lot of volume and a lot of shine I recommend this one but again the less expensive option and the kind of the lighter option I think is this one the K body volume foam it is really good okay final products that I’m duping is the big sexy hair get layered hairspray this hairspray is one of my absolute favorites and the reason that I love it is that it is by far the driest hairspray.

I have ever experienced I explained this in a post before there’s hair sprays where you spray it onto your hair and the main ingredient in the hairspray is water so you spray it on your hair and it like creates a wet spot on your hair it makes your hair wet and the thing is if you have fine hair or hair that looses a curl or hear that frizz is up when it gets wet you do not want to add water to any of that because your hair might end up freezing out or it might end up losing a curl you do not want either of those things this literally never makes your hair wet you really have to add on a lot to even feel it on your hair but even though you can’t feel it it does add hold so I really really like it for that reason it is like a ghost hair spray like you put it on it does not change your hair style it does not mess it up at all it just holds it in place without being detectable with touch or sight and I think that’s awesome but if you can’t get your hands on sexy hair products or it is not in the budget for you I recommend the stylus tool team by a plus volume h o free hair spray this is the wrong can I cannot find the hair spray I’m talking about for the life of me.

I think I just have to buy a new one but the can looks just like this except it is purple on this little area instead of this kind of fuchsia color and it says h o free hairspray and it is also water free so it is extremely lightweight it is extremely dry it is never going to make your hair feel wet but it is going to hold everything in place really really well I think the two are very similar I think this one is a little bit less detectable but they are crazy similar so again if you can’t get your hands on this one then the biotin plus volume and h o free hairspray is really really good and I totally recommend it and that’s it for my drugstore versus salon hair dupes I hope that you guys have enjoyed it and I will see you in my next one yeah nice sorry if you hear my puppy he’s being a little bit mischievous right now if you are gonna disrupt my dates you are gonna have to say hi he woke up from a nap and now he is ready for play he told me so many times I think he’s totally happy to just stay here you see this he’s just like yep thanks mom.

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