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Hey everyone. I’m Abby from LA. And this morning, I’m going to introduce you to a new product that I absolutely love. It’s right up there, in my opinion, with hairspray, which is like a basic need, have to always have stocked in your bathroom. So this is what it is. It’s called dry shampoo. And I know that it is been around for a while and professionals have been using it for awhile, but until recently, Suave has not come out with a dry shampoo. But Suave has recently introduced their Professionals line of hair care products, and with it they introduced this dry shampoo. Now, I had a friend introduce me to it. And I seriously have not stopped using it since. Use it every day on multiple children and myself. And I literally went to the store the other day, at Walmart you can just find it at your Walmart or Target I got like, seven.

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Because I just needed to have them in my bathroom always there, like hairspray. And my mom went back the next day to get one herself. Gone. They were totally gone. She had to ask the people. They checked in back. They finally found a last box of them, and my mom bought like, eight of them. So they might be hard to find pretty soon, because I think they are going to get really popular. Anyway, they are like. I want to say? I can’t remember. A bottle, which is not bad. It’s really cheap. So this is how I use dry shampoo. It’s made with mineral clay and what it does is it absorbs moisture in your hair and makes your hair look really soft and full. So for those of us, like me, I do not shower well, I shower every day. But I do not wash my hair every day. And so the second day, you might notice your hair looking separated and a little tiny bit greasy and maybe a little strand-y. And I have had my daughter leave her bangs that way this morning so that you can see. This is like pre turn a little bit for Dad this is just what it looks like first thing in the morning when she wakes up and she hasn’t washed her hair this morning. So you can see it is strand-y, a little bit greasy. So if you add the dry shampoo, what you do is we shake it up. And it is almost like putting a really fine baby powder in your hair. Like, superfine.

So I’m just going to spray it right along the root line of her hair. And you will notice it just slightly turns a tiny bit white. And then you just go like this. Run it through your fingers. Or, for an even better, then you can lift up a tiny bit and do that second layer root line. And you can already see that her hair looks like , times more full and soft. And so then what we will do is we will straighten her bangs. Turn towards me for a second. Can you hold that piece for me? So I will just put a little in before I start, and then I will straighten her bangs. And when you use the flat iron on your bangs, of course use a protectant. But also it is already looking a little more clumped and greasy, and that’s fine. Because when we are done, we are going to just put a little more dry shampoo in it. Got a long one right there. So I would just comb them to where I like them. And the right at the end, just before I put in the hairspray. Funny piece. Before I put in the hairspray turn this way for Dad. OK, now turn towards me. Her neck’s getting a workout. I just add just a tiny bit more. Run my fingers through like this. And then I will take the hairspray and just slightly spritz her bangs to keep them in place where I want them. But look at how much better her bangs look. Turn, please. Thank you. Like, I use this in my hair every day. Like, even for fullness just in my scalp and crown, I will just take it and spray a little. And it is almost like putting a pomade in your hair. So, anyway. Thought you’d want to know. Hair trick. New one. Dry shampoo. Suave Professionals. There you go. Have fun and enjoy experimenting.

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