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Celebes acknowledge the obvious my background is different um. I wanted to try something different. I love my posts to be a little brighter that green was just starting to kind of. I feel like it was just dragging my posts down. I just wanted something brighter. So see how that works anyway. So today we have a dry shampoo Smack down of all these different brands that, I have been trying over the last six months basically. I didn’t have a dry shampoo that. I liked. And I was determined to find one and. So now. I found a couple that. I like. And I wanted to give you guys a little evaluation of each one based on how well they absorb oil whether they wear the way the hair down um what kind of smell they have, and whether they provide grip to the hair the reason that. I’m doing that is. Because everybody needs something different out of a dry shampoo some people really need it to absorb oil well some people need a little bit of grip on their hair some people are allergic to synch, and some people do not need to wear it very long enough for me a dry shampoo has to last hours. So I have to find one this really long-lasting but for some people you only need like three or four hours out of it and. So if it weighs your hair down after you know six hours is not going to be a big deal for you whereas for me that would be a deal breaker. So that’s why, I will giving you guys all the different things. So yeah let’s go ahead, and get started. So first of all let’s talk about what a dry shampoo is, and what it does just really fast okay. So if you are going on your second day you are not showering that day, and you want your hair to look as though you did, and smell as though you did you are going to use a dry shampoo, and basically what that is a powder that sprays out from a little can like this absorbs the oil on your hair, and provides a nice little sent for your hair. So that your hair looks refreshed, and some of these can add volume some more than others um you know each one has little different things that it gives you best but the general purpose that you can do, I will going to go ahead, and mention cut.

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I know people will say it in the comments that you can use baby powder as a dry shampoo for me that is just way too messy. Because basically you have to shake the baby powder off onto your scalp, and it just ends up everywhere for me, and. Because it is white, and my hair’s a little darker you always see it is just never a good experience but if your hair is lighter, and you want to try that it is a doable option these are in no particular order my first one is Batiste Batista’s a phenomenal job of absorbing oil on your hair. I noticed that it gets my hair looking as though. I had just blow dried it second of all it does a very good job of not weighing your hair down my hair never looks way down after. I use this even when it is the next day and, I will getting ready to take a shower the scent you can choose about different scents in this line. So you can find one that you like it is pretty easy to do this one’s a nice floral event but, I have also tried a tropical scent from them that was good they also have one that specifically for brunettes, and they have colored powder inside of it. So that you do not accidentally see any white blotches on your hair now as long as you make sure to shake up your dry shampoo really well before you spray it you should never see that white spot on your hair but in case you just really have a hard time with that they do make one especially for darker hair, and it does not add any grip to the hair this one’s really not supposed to instead it adds a little bit of like a silica a feeling, I will kind of a little bit slippery. So your hair is not going to have extra grip but for me my hair looks like.

I just got done blow drying it has it smell refreshed, and it stays that way all day long. I this one is dry shampoo. I think that’s all, I will supposed to say it is very similar to the Batista shampoo except for. I think this one has the least amount of scent of any of the ones that. I tried it is a little bit baby powdery but it does not smell like it hasn’t added scent to it does absorb oil very well it does not weigh your hair down it obviously does not have much of a scent, and it does not add any grips of the hair. So it is very much like the Batiste one but tease tends to be my favorite. Because it does just absorb a tiny bit more but if this one is easier for you to find that it is very comparable to the petition alright next one is the Dove dry shampoo now this one does an okay job of absorbing oil on your hair you are not going to still see in the oil on your hair but it is not going to be as lifted as some dry shampoos will give you it does weigh your hair down after about eight hours around the eight hour mark you are going to see your hair starting to kind of look like it did before you put your dry shampoo on. I do not remember the scent that this had. I think. I remember it being like a vanilla e very sweet scent but. I can’t remember very well, and it is completely gone. And I really need you to focus there we go okay, and it does not add any grip to the hair is still very slippery still icky feeling. So for me. I prefer the Matisse, and thus but this one would you just find for thick hair that does not need it to last for hours alright. So my next one is the big sexy hair volumizing dry shampoo this one a little bit goes a long way it does a good job of absorbing year as long as you do not use too much or else you will end up with a big product be sticky mess, and it does not weigh your hair down too quickly. I think that it happens between like the seven hour mark for me. So it will last you a good while you just do not want to use it like the beginning of the day, and hope that it will also be working hours later. I think it is a really great one forum also that’s later the scent is like maple syrupy coconut sweet scent, and it is not really my thing but some people really love it. So that’s just up to your personal preference for me.

I do not love it but some people really do, and then it adds a good amount of grip to the hair which is why. I think this one is great for if you are going to go from office tonight, and you want to be able to spruce your hair up a little bit. Because it is going to give you the grip that you need to be able to kind of mold your hair into a style. So on second days when. I really want to put my hair into a style like an updo or something. I use this Russian food. Because it works really well for that it makes my hair a lot more manageable. And I can tease it better, and it will stay better. So I really like to use that one when, I will going to be styling my hair into some my last two. I do not have the packaging for anymore which is sad but the first one is tiresome dry shampoo. I didn’t like that one very much it did not do a good job of absorbing oil from my hair it weighed my hair down like crazy within an hour do not remember the Senate. And I did not any grip to the hair basically for me it was just a complete fail. I tried it twice, and then. I just stopped. Because it was not working. I couldn’t put enough in my hair to absorb all the oil, and then even when. I was like okay well it looks decent, and then. I would go out within an hour it looked worse than it did before. So I was just not a fan of some people like it but. I just on my hair it was not working, and then another one is got to me rocking it dry shampoo now that one does an okay job of absorbing oil on your hair it is not going to do a phenomenal job but it will get enough of the oil off to where it does not really look greasy as far as weighing the head out the hair down within four to five hours your hair will look either the same or worse than. I did before you put it in. I always said it was kind of like Cinderella’s coach came like the clock struck midnight Cinderella’s coach came, and my hair was a mess. So I didn’t really like to use that unless. I knew that. I only need my hair to work for like an hour or two. So not really great um just was not my favorite as far as sin goes. I do not remember this at all, and then it didn’t have any grip to the hair. So it really just did not do its job for me. Because it within a couple hours was looking just as bad as. I did before even though looked alright once. I put it on. So I do not really recommend that one either alright. So my last two products are actually not dry shampoos but. I think for some of you guys that are looking for dry shampoos you are actually going to be looking for products like this has got to be powder full, and big sexy hair powder play what these do is they add a lot of grip to the hair they add texture, and volume you can put these guys in here, and mold your hair to wherever you want it, and it will stay um it does add a lot of tackiness to the hair. So if you add too much it’ll be a big sticky mess especially this one. I made that mistake with this one but it does a good job especially if your hair is hard to tease the is phenomenal a lot of products other companies that have products similar to this market those products to tease your hair with. So you can use these for that as well. Because it adds the grip to your hair.

So when you are back combing your teasing is going to stick better but also it does add a good bit of grip to your hair. So if you want to put it into an updo or style, and your hair is just slipping or it is just not giving you that tension that you need to get it into a style well you are going to you can use something like this, and they work really well. I find these to be they perform very similarly not enough for me to make much of a difference this one is less expensive than this one. So if you have never tried this, and you do not really know um if you want something like this or not. I recommend that got to be one just. Because it is only like five dollars with the gossip anyone the directions tell you to put it on your hand first, and then into your hair obey the directions. I like sprinkled it on to my hair, and it was a huge mess thankfully.

I was. I was experimenting right before take a shower. So I got to wash it right out but it was not good I’ll. So onto your hand first, and then on to hear this one does a better job of adding grip like you are going to get more results with this one. So if you know that you are in the market for a product that does that the is a good investment to make especially cut this will ask you a long time, and this one you can sprinkle directly on the hair, and it is not going to be too much but it does a really good job. Because you can take this hair, and make it just as blue minutes as you want. So it is another good styling your hair for going out kind of thing, and also like. I said before it helps with kissing a lot. So that’s some of you guys might be looking for that when you are looking for a dry shampoo, and that’s ones. I would recommend alright. So I think this vide was quite long enough. I hope this was helpful, and you guys like learn something about a product or you found something that you might want to try now hope it is helpful. And I will see you my next post.

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