Dutch Braided Bun Updo Hairstyles

Hi guys, I’m Katie with Abella’s Braids and this is Charlie. We are so excited to be here today on Hairstyles to show you a really cool braid. If you have not already, make sure to comment to Hairstyles with the link below, this button and after you watch our post, make sure and give it a big thumbs up. Thank you so much. Have fun watching. Yeah? Yeah. So you are gonna start this hairstyle, can you look this way? With a part going from the side all the way to behind the ear. You can see it is off-centered, not quite in the middle, but off and you are going to want to do a Dutch braid. I like to do this braid with a little bit damp hair. It helps the fly-aways a little bit.

Dutch Braided Bun Updo Hairstyles Photos

When you get this far, go ahead and just braid all the way to the ends. And now you are gonna turn. So on this side, do the same thing, start a braid in the front at the top and you are gonna do a Dutch braid. I like to kind of try to make it come around and back towards the back of the head. So when we get to this point, you are gonna wanna take an elastic and put this whole braid in a larger elastic. Alright, now to finish this style off, go ahead and divide the ponytail into three or four pieces and you are gonna wind each piece up, tuck the ends in and pin it down. Now this braid is going to wrap around the bun and then you can pin it down on either side and then you can wrap it around and tuck it under. Thanks for watching our tutorial. We hope you liked it and do not forget to give it a thumbs up. Check out our blog. I will make sure to leave it in the description box below. Make sure to comment to Hairstyles. Click the button below. If you want to see more of our posts, go ahead and click this link and if you want to see more of Hairstyles posts, go ahead and click this link. Thanks again for watching. We’ll see you soon. Bye. Bye.

Dutch Braided Bun Updo Hairstyles

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