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Hi. I’m Abby from LA. And today we are going to film what we are calling the French headband. Now, many of you have emailed us about this particular hairdo because you have seen it on “Dance Moms” a ton. So we are going to show you how to get the same look that they are utilizing on “Dance Moms.” So I have started by just parting her hair from ear to ear. And tip her head down a little for a second. You can see that I have already made a part line and that I have pulled the rest back, just out of the way. Now I’m going to have her tip her head to the side and we are going to start right next to her ear right here. And we are just going to begin a Dutch braid or an outy braid whatever you want to call it.

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And we are just going to start adding in pieces as we go along. And you will start seeing the braid form. Now, on “Dance Moms,” when I watched it, I noticed that the girls wear many, many variations of this same thing. Some of where the full headband across the top. Some of them wear it a half headband across the top. Some of them wear it into a ponytail or into a bun. So you can use this for many, many hairstyles and really play with it and have a good time coming up with your own variations. I will show you a few of mine when I’m done with hers. One trick I will tell you as I’m braiding is that if you are going to braid it on your own hair versus somebody else’s, it is easiest to just do a deep side part right here and then begin the braid versus starting all the way over at the ear, just for convenience on handhold. So you can see that this is creating a nice Dutch braid for us and giving us that nice braided headband appearance. And when you are done OK. So this is where you can do lots of different things. I’m going to just finish braiding this really fast. Some people commented in my last post that I braid like a ninja. So we are going to do my ninja braiding here and finish it off. Do you have the elastic ready? Thank you. OK. So you can just let it hang down straight like it is right now.

I’m going to go ahead and just end it because she’s got layers that are going to pop out towards the end. I will just leave it like this. So you can release the rest of the hair and just let this hang down onto the side of the head, like so or you can take the braid and pin it back like so and put a couple bobby pins here. Or you can even take it and tuck it under, maybe right here, and bobby pin it so that you see a little bit of the headband going back, but not all of it. Or I will show you. Come here. I have done all of our hair this morning with a variation of this braid. So we have you. On this braid, you can see that we also did, but we started with a deep part and did the braid and then rolled it into a ponytail. And on hers, just to mix things up turn your head this way we also did another braid going straight back on the left side, just for fun. OK. Come here. OK. And on hers, we did the complete, full headband all the way around and just tucked it in under the back at the nape of her neck and pinned it and then let her curls fall down on top of it. So it literally just looked just very headband-ish. On number four here, we just did a deep side part and did a little bitty one little bitty braid and pinned it back. So this braid’s going to be great for shorty dos. It’s also going to be great for bangs. So you can see that on mine, I normally have bangs that just hit right about here and I have used the braid to completely pull my bangs in and hide them under my hair. So at this point, there’s many, many variations. That’s the beauty of this hairdo. You can pull it to the side into a side ponytail. You can do a side bun with the braid. I mean, many thousands of different things you could do. But that’s the basic headband braid that they are utilizing on “Dance Moms” all the time. We hope you enjoy and we will see in our next tutorial.

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